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Current Gold Price Situation

8 il y a 2 jours Autriche Affaires et finance Affaires et finance

Da ich als Finanzminister den Goldpreis ständig im Auge behalten muss, möchte ich euch alle über die derzeitige Situation informieren.

Durch das Kill-Rush-Turnier wurde eine Entwicklung, die aufgrund der Tatsache, daß mehr CC aus der Neuen Welt

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Don´t Create Another Serbian Colony

74 il y a 7 jours Autriche Consignes de combat Consignes de combat

See what the public enemies do

Create another Serbian colony :)
Hit for Austria :) You know what date :)

They tell open that they want to PTO … en savoir plus »

[eStock-Market] stopped

14 2,458 jour, 08:16 Autriche Interactions sociales et divertissement Interactions sociales et divertissement

Because I was entrusted with another task, I must unfortunately abort the game at this point. For this reason, every broker has received an adequate compensation.

For the time there are no more games until I have again enough time available.


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[eStock-Market] Week3

2 2,455 jour, 00:38 Autriche Affaires et finance Affaires et finance

Here is the ranking of week 3 of my stock market game.

1.Internisti13 +37%

2.capoqwer +15%

3.Penegrin +10%

4.Luis Grindl +/-0%

5.denischu -50%

Each broker has got his performance bonus!

What's it all about?

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Open Letter to Plato (Part 2)

10 2,451 jour, 09:04 Autriche Affaires et finance Affaires et finance

Meanwhile have passed 48 days since I started the poll on some options for improving the economy-module.

There have voted 200 inhabitants in many countries of

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