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Battle orders and advice for citizens in Belgium. Edited by the Belgian President and Minister of Defense in Council with the Military Unit Leaders.

MoD Briefing & Explanation

15 2,823 jour, 17:19 Published in Belgium Belgium Débats et analyses politiques Débats et analyses politiques

Greetings Soldiers, Allies, and Friends,

I know during the past week I haven't been very active as your Minister of Defense, I've been dealing with a lot of personal issues and … en savoir plus »

Minister of Defense Introduction

9 2,818 jour, 04:49 Published in Belgium Belgium Interactions sociales et divertissement Interactions sociales et divertissement

Greetings Soldiers of eBelgium, Friends, and Allies,

I would like to take a moment of your time to thank all of you for your support in the recent elections and would like to thank [ … en savoir plus »

Coup in eBelgium

18 2,779 jour, 15:08 Published in Belgium Belgium Consignes de combat Consignes de combat

Greetings soldiers

A revolution has started in eBelgium! We will fight for the defending side, move to Brussels and join this MU:
en savoir plus »

Update -Training War with eFrance

6 2,778 jour, 05:20 Published in Belgium Belgium Analyse de guerre Analyse de guerre

Hello soldiers,

The training war with eFrance continues with the first RW in Brussels and the RW in Flanders will follow. Concerning Wallonia the Defence … en savoir plus »

Training War with eFrance

9 2,775 jour, 02:01 Published in Belgium Belgium Analyse de guerre Analyse de guerre

Some of you might have noticed this: and

There is no … en savoir plus »