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Join the Communist Party!

9 Day 974, 14:28 Belgium

The Belgium Communist Party is back!

What are we about?
More for less! A stable and strong economy! Not being dependable of other countries! Giving the

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Don't be afraid of Change.

7 Day 947, 06:32 Belgium

To many eBelgium politicians are to busy with their own ego and forget their task -Making Belgium the best country on eRepublik.
This has to change!
<img src="" />

If you

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I Want Change

4 Day 946, 15:49 Belgium

<img src="" />
And you?

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World Day Against Speciesism

51 Day 919, 05:19 Belgium

We exploit and kill hundreds of millions of animals each day. To justify that, we have convinced ourselves that their lives and sufferings are not worth much: &quot;they are just animals!&quot;
However, animals are sensitive beings that also want

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