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Join the Communist Party!

9 Day 974, 14:28 Published in Belgium Belgium

The Belgium Communist Party is back!

What are we about?
More for less! A stable and strong economy! Not being dependable of other countries! Giving the

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Don't be afraid of Change.

7 Day 947, 06:32 Published in Belgium Belgium

To many eBelgium politicians are to busy with their own ego and forget their task -Making Belgium the best country on eRepublik.
This has to change!
<img src="" />

If you

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I Want Change

4 Day 946, 15:49 Published in Belgium Belgium

<img src="" />
And you?

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World Day Against Speciesism

51 Day 919, 05:19 Published in Belgium Belgium

We exploit and kill hundreds of millions of animals each day. To justify that, we have convinced ourselves that their lives and sufferings are not worth much: &quot;they are just animals!&quot;
However, animals are sensitive beings that also want

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