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eUSA! Trade in eThailand!

2 Day 962, 06:05 Published in USA USA

Hello Great American Citizens!

eUSA! A great, Rich nation, Rich in the eCulture and is helping the world.

eThailand is a small country, With only a few dozens of Active players, West of eUSA

eThailand does not have a lot of company's,

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Australia! Trade to eThailand!

6 Day 961, 23:28 Published in Australia Australia

Good'Aye mates!

Australia! A great nation of citizens, Though PTO'ed by the nasty Indos, Is still great in its eCulture.

eThailand is a small country, With only a few dozens of Active players, Up north of Australia.

eThailand does not

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My canidacy for Party President of the LSD party

6 Day 961, 01:01 Published in Thailand Thailand

The LSD Party is a eThailand poltical party.

I think that it is essential to promote the development of friendly relations between nations,recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human

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And now... The end is here...

2 Day 958, 00:58 Published in Thailand Thailand

Well, My friends, This is the end of V1, Goodbye...

Remember... Come a few hours and we will have V2 in.

So now, The end is here, We face the final curtain...

Regrets... Ive had a few, Good bye V1, Hello V2.

and may i say, "

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19 Day 949, 05:24 Published in Australia Australia

Dear admins and citizens of eAustralia, The ones who were nice to me and the trollers (Timeoin)

Australia is a small country in the Southern Hemisphere, The most advanced in the hemisphere and we have to suffer from these indos! Who are on both

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