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Hello eThailand!

11 Day 930, 23:19 Published in Thailand Thailand

I am James Rellori, A Past eAustralian Citizen and hated by most in eAustralia!

My Political Experiences:

1 Month as PP of the Erepublik Alliance
Ran for President Unsuccessfully in June Election
Was to be a Cabinet member (The

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Goodbye eAustralia!

30 Day 930, 00:17 Published in Australia Australia

So long eAustralia!

Im off to go to eThailand!

Please dont miss me, Because i know you wount...

Im joining my Facepunch friends! You can see me on your leaving list eAustralia and you joining list eThailand

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Follow or Perish, The attitude ive been getting for the past few days

25 Day 929, 23:45 Published in Australia Australia

Follow or Perish... The thought that has been going thru my mind to explain the attitude ive been getting from the "Elites" of Australia.

Why use this? Well lets see...

Timeoin threaten to able me as a PTO'er on the Eden PTO'er

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An Idea to Keep Democracy!

23 Day 927, 16:02 Published in Australia Australia

At the Start of Every article, I think we should all put "Vote for Whoever You Want!" to help Democracy!

For too long the Elites of Australia has thought that they are in power, This is wrong...



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A rather.... Special PM race...

11 Day 917, 23:28 Published in Australia Australia

This PM race is special becuase...


I think that Crowdedhouse and Widds should of at lest waited intill after the Congress ellection.

One, Who has done it right is Viado... [url=

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