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The fellas at the fricking Indo PTO!

2 Day 980, 04:17 Published in Thailand Thailand

Indos, Take a tip... Take a lesson, You will never win by messing with a country thru the use of Multis.

Multis, Your cage is very small... Like a tiny silver ball... The world is watching what you do, Your infamous history will live on forever,

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James Rellori Presidential Bid - Global Alliances

0 Day 972, 04:20 Published in Thailand Thailand

Vote James Rellori In the Primary's!


A big issue this election, Which i feel i need to address you, The citizens of eThailand about, As the other candidates

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James Rellori Presidential Election - Internal Relations

7 Day 969, 06:06 Published in Thailand Thailand

eThailand, During the Ciman administration has been broken up into arguments, Mainly about impeaching our AFK president.

If you elect me, I will bring eThailand back to the … read more »

My Presidential Bid

8 Day 969, 01:06 Published in Thailand Thailand

This is my Presidental Bid for 2010...



I, James … read more »

The Minister of Trade Relations!

2 Day 962, 06:51 Published in Thailand Thailand

Hello eThailand, I am James Rellori, Know by some as "That guy from Australia" or more infamously know as "That guy from eAustralia who got trolled out of there"

But to the point, My plans.

I plan to bring more

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