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An Idea to Keep Democracy!

23 Day 927, 16:02 Published in Australia Australia

At the Start of Every article, I think we should all put "Vote for Whoever You Want!" to help Democracy!

For too long the Elites of Australia has thought that they are in power, This is wrong...



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A rather.... Special PM race...

11 Day 917, 23:28 Published in Australia Australia

This PM race is special becuase...


I think that Crowdedhouse and Widds should of at lest waited intill after the Congress ellection.

One, Who has done it right is Viado... [url=

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Only vote for a legit PP this election!

5 Day 905, 18:13 Published in Australia Australia


I have put a list on the eAustralian Forums of the legit runners, This may change and there are rules to follow with the colors associated with the party PTO condision...

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Erepublik Alliance and our views

8 Day 904, 23:48 Published in Australia Australia

The Erepublik Alliance is a Australian poltical party, Who are centered and believe in Libertarianism.

We believe in the freedom and rights of every person in eAustralia and the eWorld.

it is essential to promote the development of friendly

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I am running for PP of the Erepublik Alliance!

15 Day 904, 03:52 Published in Australia Australia

I enter my nomination for the Party President of the Erepublik Alliance!

&quot;James has been an active party members and helped grow the party, so sure... he'll have my support&quot;
Crowdedhouse talking about me

If i win, I plan

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