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19 Day 949, 05:24 Published in Australia Australia

Dear admins and citizens of eAustralia, The ones who were nice to me and the trollers (Timeoin)

Australia is a small country in the Southern Hemisphere, The most advanced in the hemisphere and we have to suffer from these indos! Who are on both

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Elect me for Congress

3 Day 940, 05:48 Published in Thailand Thailand

I shall terminate anyone who does not vote for me!

No but really...

I will vote pro-Thai and anti-Indo... Bla bla bla that stuff

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My interview with Jimmy

1 Day 939, 07:27 Published in Thailand Thailand

James Rellori:Okay, Firstly, Do you plan for Thailand to have ambassidors overseas?

Jimmy_Miller: Thailand month after month struggles to have enough people willing to help to cover all the basic points, ambassadors overseas are much welcomed for

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Hello eThailand!

11 Day 930, 23:19 Published in Thailand Thailand

I am James Rellori, A Past eAustralian Citizen and hated by most in eAustralia!

My Political Experiences:

1 Month as PP of the Erepublik Alliance
Ran for President Unsuccessfully in June Election
Was to be a Cabinet member (The

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Goodbye eAustralia!

30 Day 930, 00:17 Published in Australia Australia

So long eAustralia!

Im off to go to eThailand!

Please dont miss me, Because i know you wount...

Im joining my Facepunch friends! You can see me on your leaving list eAustralia and you joining list eThailand

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