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The goal of this newspaper is to provide thoughtful and progressive articles concerning everything eRepublic-related. Also, I am very interested in publishing texts by guest authors, so feel free to PM me with suggestions!

I currently use this paper as a channel for the Swedish FinDep.

Kandidatur till Kongressen: Styvfar

1 Day 1,617, 11:38 Sweden Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis


Jag är Styvfar och jag är en av [url=

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How to salvage eSwedish - ePolish relations

29 Day 1,611, 06:17 Sweden Warfare analysis Warfare analysis


(I'll try to be objective. If you are familiar with the events you could skip through this part.)

A few weeks ago, eSweden and eGermany (i.e. eGermany and eDenmark) made a deal allowing eSweden to secure the regions … read more »

[Finansdepartementet] Lite nyheter / Some News

8 Day 1,588, 16:02 Sweden Financial business Financial business

Först och främst vill vi meddela att admin har ökat mängden pengar kongressen kan donera dagligen från Country Treasury (CT) till organisationer (mer om eSveriges ekonomi [url=

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On Nordic Friendship!

7 Day 1,585, 08:35 Sweden Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

The past week has not been particularly kind to eSwedish and eNorwegian relations. The eRussian attack on eSweden, which was [url= more »

[Finansdepartementet] Befolkningsstatistik

5 Day 1,579, 09:15 Sweden Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Jag vill inleda med att tacka Fredrok som har samlat in all data som ligger till grund för denna artikel. Gillar ni artikeln så gå gärna in på hans profil och ge honom en liten read more »