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The newspaper that looks at the news in a semi serious, semi comical view from its edits. Always includes some damn good boobs.

Congratulations Admins, *Sarcasm*

5 Day 1,301, 17:31 USA Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Been a while since I last wrote an article. I was going to carry on with the parts in a series of interviews, but things changed so I decided against it and … read more »

Opinions on the Economy - Part I

2 Day 1,272, 16:41 USA Financial business Financial business

My my, how the Economic Landscape has changed dramatically. Raw Materials are plummeting, though not at all time lows thankfully, Finished goods are falling, and … read more »

Headshot! - North America

4 Day 1,250, 18:37 USA Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Yes readers, if you’re doing Darkskye’s challenge, you have just found one of those Easter Eggs, congratulations! … read more »

Wages Becoming Unsustainable - Part II

15 Day 1,247, 20:53 USA Financial business Financial business

This is a follow up article – The first part can be found here

A week … read more »

Wages becoming unsustainable?

19 Day 1,237, 13:14 USA

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So, i've been seeing the wages increase alot lately. A week ago, a friend offered me a job at his company for $35. Hell, that's the most i've ever been offered (I've usually been working at about $ … read more »