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The Top 10 Most Influential Canadians, 3rd Edition [WGC]

58 Day 709, 09:54 Published in Canada Canada

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Welcome to the third edition of the Top 10 Most Influential Canadians. Six months has passed since the … read more »

Canadian Renewal / Renouveau Canadien [WGC]

9 Day 706, 19:11 Published in Canada Canada

(la version française suit)

Day 705 was a day of renewal for Canada. For one thing it was time to elect a new congress but most importantly it was the day Hungary was expelled from native Canadian shores.

The causes of the war have been … read more »

A Strong Congress for a Strong Canada

9 Day 704, 08:53 Published in Canada Canada

(English follows)

Les guerres de l'Amérique du Nord et le besoin crucial d'investir tout notre temps et toutes nos ressources dans la survie du pays, ont interrompu ce qui avait été à ce moment une série de 6 nominations successive au … read more »

Jacobi Era: Where to now Canada? [WGC]

40 Day 679, 08:24 Published in Canada Canada

With the purported end of the Jacobi regime in sight, Canadians find themselves wondering if this is the end of an era or will this political dynasty ride on roughshod over its opponents. To understand the dynamics of the upcoming Presidential

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To be or not to be a Resistance Fighter [Bruck's Canucks]

15 Day 650, 09:29 Published in Canada Canada

Where do we come from?

Before the renewal of Canada there was the Dark Times. The time when the country was erased from the world map and completely occupied. Some citizens asked to do more, many citizens needed to do more. On the 8th of … read more »