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Ready for revenge???? hahahahahahahaha.. you and what army?

47 Day 1,119, 09:17 Cyprus

Goodevening San Diego,

Some eTurk published this article Ready for revenge with a picture in it. But unfortunately he forgot to supply the entire photo, so here … read more »

Why cant I get a job in eTurkey?

40 Day 1,118, 12:26 Cyprus

Goodevening San Diego,

I am looking for a job in occupied eCyprus / eTurkey.

It seems no eTurkish businessman wants this eCypriot as an employee!


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... and so it begins eBulgaria, with love from eGreece.

100 Day 1,016, 15:55 Bulgaria

Goodevening San Diego,

It's late and i'm tired so this will be a quick post (and not in 3 languages again).

I have been asked to clear the air with eBulgaria.

eBulgaria the RW WILL happen. There is no doubt about this. … read more »

The Upcoming Battle for the Liberation of BiH [BGN]+[GRE]+[ENG]

74 Day 1,014, 15:28 Bulgaria

Goodevening San Diego,

Скъпи приятели, славни e-български братя,
Αγαπητοί ηΒούλγαροι,
Dear eBulgarians,

Някои от вас сте видели статията ми на гръцки за възможността да започне … read more »

Ελλάδα, δεν παμε ένα ταξιδάκι στην ηΒοσνία;

95 Day 1,012, 09:05 Greece

Goodevening San Diego,

Θυμάμαι πριν καμπόσους μήνες δεχτήκαμε μια επίθεση από την ηΒουλγαρία.

Νομίζω τώρα ήρθε ο καιρός να ανταποδώσουμε την « χάρη ».

Νομίζω τώρα ήρθε ο καιρός να κάνουμε την πρώτη επίθεση μας στην v2.

Νομίζω τώρα … read more »