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A little less grey on the map, three new Arab nations are added

37 Day 1,156, 14:31 Greece

Goodevening San Diego,

There's a little less grey on the map as three new Arab countries are added to eRepublik!

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68 Day 1,155, 09:34 Greece

Goodevening San Diego,

In a few days the holiday missions will be removed and new missions will be introduced. I have used my contacts to get the inside information about the newest mission that will be added as well as A NEW read more »


32 Day 1,153, 03:14 Greece

Kalispera sympatriotes,

Fantazomai twra erxontai I meres pou tha kleisi o polemos me tin Tourkia. Molis kleisi tha anoiksoun meriki syzitisi gia polemo me tin FYROM.

Se auto ego leo OXI.

Emeis paizoume ena paixnidi kai ayti poy

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eTurkey, I have a message from Bulgaria for you, it's "tick tock tick tock".

193 Day 1,143, 07:27 Greece

Goodevening San Diego,

Just incase you haven't got the message from eBulgaria yet, it's "tick tock, tick tock".

tick tock eTurkey, tick tock.

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eIran, they will attack you.

51 Day 1,142, 11:42 Greece

Goodevening San Diego,

eTurkey has showed it's true face - they will look for resources to the east.

Yes the law will not pass, but it show's eTurkey's intentions. You … read more »