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South Dakota is Free at last!

117 Day 1,197, 00:14 USA

South Dakota is liberated!

Today, the Ultramarines, in our debut battle, fought alongside SEAL Team 6 in order to liberate South Dakota. We pushed it to round 15, and with some wall building by the eUSA Military, managed to push it over, … read more »

The Ultramarines are born

100 Day 1,192, 19:39 USA

Today the Ultramarines are born.

Just as the day Seal Team Six was born will forever hold a place in eUSA history, today, Day 1192, will forever be remembered as the day the Ultramarines … read more »

Triple Crown

29 Day 1,188, 20:59 USA

What is the Triple Crown you ask?

Battle Hero
Campaign Hero
Resistance Hero


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Solution to eRepublik Lag

17 Day 1,188, 09:30 USA

OK guys, we've all seen it. eRep lagging like a <redacted for language>. Want to solve this problem, follow these steps:

1. Log out of erepublik

2. Navigate to (any foreign site will do /pl /fr /pt)

3. Fewer users = faster

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Double Battle Hero? Yes, please

28 Day 1,187, 10:14 USA

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