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Sawt al Muqawamah (Voice of the Resistance) was a newspaper founded in UAE and originally dedicated to resisting the occupation and pillage of UAE by malicious opportunists.

As time has passed [SaM] will revise its role in eRepublik.

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[SaM] Resistance Orders for Day 1200

7 Day 1,200, 13:48 United Arab Emirates

Register with the Resistance: Fill out [url= more »

[SaM] Important Resistance Announcement

11 Day 1,199, 04:16 United Arab Emirates

With the exile of sheikha voice and other resistance champions, the exposure of usurper arrogance … read more »

[SaM] Hopes for the Future and Salute to Sheikha Voice

4 Day 1,197, 00:20 United Arab Emirates

Resistance members have been meeting to discuss the future of UAE. We would like to end the … read more »

[SaM] Escalating The Resistance: Black Market Basics

12 Day 1,195, 04:02 United Arab Emirates

Black Market in erepublik is the exchange of goods through donations.

Basically if a … read more »

[SaM] ABoC Political Mischief

6 Day 1,193, 00:50 United Arab Emirates

Al Nahdha party has been bumped off the top 5 in the last minutes by “ABoC politic force”. … read more »