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A Week of Admin Power

6 Day 875, 14:19 Canada

Well, it's tuesday, and I think some people know what that means...war review time! Without further ado, let's get into this week's events.

Norway Reversal and Finland

In my last article, I spoke about Norway's PTO and activation of

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I Knew You Could Do It Finland!

8 Day 869, 14:30 Finland

No Estonian could truly match the power of a Finn! Obviously the resistance wars succeeded against the Estonians! Good work brave Finns, Finland will be totally free soon!


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[CP]EDEN Fractures: War Review

2 Day 868, 14:36 Canada

First of all, congratulations to Derek Harland for winning the presidency here in Canada! Also a good job medal goes to Bruck, who … read more »

Welcome Back!

6 Day 864, 16:20 Finland

Great to have you back, Finland!

Finnish pride!

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The War in Summary

3 Day 861, 14:23 Canada

Welcome again, all my readers, to my weekly war review. Now, let us begin.

The World Gets a Little More Free

Something that seems to have subtletly passed by was the recent steps taken by conquered or partly conquered countries to

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