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Manitoba: Auk Rest is Here!

23 Day 883, 14:16 Published in Canada Canada

This month I'm stepping up to run for congress in Manitoba , one of our nation's lucky reccipients for a Q5 hospital. Why should you vote for me? Well I'm level 18 … read more »

Southern Hemisphere Showdown

4 Day 882, 14:28 Published in Canada Canada

Greetings everyone, it is Tuesday, which means that I'm publishing my weekly war review. It sucks for people like me. Why does it suck? Because there is almost nothing to report lately! (Well, on world affairs that is). Let's begin.


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So What, Brazil Is Stupid?

9 Day 879, 08:11 Published in Canada Canada

Brazil has long since held onto High Diamonds (to become titanium) in Gauteng, that's nothing new. A few months ago, Brazil lost this to South African resistance war. Then … read more »

A Week of Admin Power

6 Day 875, 14:19 Published in Canada Canada

Well, it's tuesday, and I think some people know what that means...war review time! Without further ado, let's get into this week's events.

Norway Reversal and Finland

In my last article, I spoke about Norway's PTO and activation of

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I Knew You Could Do It Finland!

8 Day 869, 14:30 Published in Finland Finland

No Estonian could truly match the power of a Finn! Obviously the resistance wars succeeded against the Estonians! Good work brave Finns, Finland will be totally free soon!


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