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Battle in progress!

10 Day 957, 03:23 South Korea

Defend Asia - Fight here.

On the 22nd of May South Korea was a broken … read more »

Peter HAS NOT resigned

16 Day 923, 16:21 South Korea

Looks like Aarons and Carlos have been up to shenanigans again!

Fraudelent article

A quick click on the name of Peter De Lusionist Bae

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'Let's chuck all our hard work away' by the Korean Nationalist Party.

6 Day 923, 15:12 South Korea

The eSK nation stands at its largest geographical extent in living memory with control of Jeju returning to the nation for the first time since BETA.

South Korea has withstood the threats and taunts of the Japanese, forced her to dig deep into

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Presidential hopeful attacks war veteran.

17 Day 920, 19:49 South Korea

Dateline Korea.

During todays unveiling of the memorial to the heroes of the war the Korean Nationalists nominee for the next Presidential elections launched an amazing attack on one the honoured guests.


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16JPY for Skill 6 manufacturing workers.

2 Day 765, 11:25 Japan

Alfa Q5 Armoury & Alfa Q5 food are looking for Skill level 6 workers wishing to earn 16JPY per day.

Your initial wellness is not an issue as gifts will be provided to get you and keep you above 90 wellness.

Please check the job market for

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