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[RAF] The Northern "Spot of bother"

6 11 hours ago United Kingdom Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Hallo chaps and female chaps,
I've been overly involved in the recent conflict but due to todays stand-down in activity I am finnaly able to write an article … read more »

[UKPP] Congress Ballot Results

8 Day 2,468, 14:31 United Kingdom Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

14 Members ran for congress and forwarded their intention to do so to our PP Sir Robert V.

In order to give power to the … read more »

[RAF] Chocks Away - Scotland

9 Day 2,461, 08:34 United Kingdom Battle orders Battle orders

Scramble! Scramble! Scramble!

The Norwegian assault upon Scotland has begun and the grunts need air support.

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[MoTI]The Importance of Scotland

1 Day 2,461, 07:27 United Kingdom Financial business Financial business

Another day and another decrease in profits but also a day that could produce a Norwegian assault upon Scotland.

Losing Scotland cuts Northern Ireland (our Capital) from the rest of the nation resulting in our current 60/60 bonus falling to 30/30.

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[MoTI]A sta je tamo bolje?

16 Day 2,460, 13:14 United Kingdom Financial business Financial business

Whilst cruising through the feeds of various parties to capture the mood of each I cam across an interesting discussion in one of them;

"F**k this s**t, i am going home!"

"za sve koji su u fazonu "F this i am going home" pitanje: A sta je tamo

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