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[MoFA]Country Factfile: Italy + News!

13 Day 723, 13:27 Ireland


Some of my Finnish friends asked me if 5 players from Ireland would like to take part in a Online Ice Hockey Match. The times are still to be arranged i just wondered if you could comment to say you read more »

[MoFA]Broaden your Horizons! - Country Factfile: Finland

9 Day 722, 12:55 Ireland

<img src="">
Broaden your Horizons - This term as MoFA i am focusing on broadening the Irish Citizen's horizons in the read more »

[MoFA] Ireland's View on Indonesia Declaring War on Malaysia

38 Day 721, 08:11 Ireland

Indonesia forces Sol to war

Indonesia has chosen &quot;to War against Malaysia, the full powered Malaysia read more »


8 Day 720, 13:41 Ireland

Good evening eIreland!

I hope I find you all well.
It gives me great pleasure and honour to address this fine country as Minister of Foreign Affairs once again. :)Im delighted to have been appointed by President Patton and I would like to

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The Summit!!

1 Day 713, 14:54 Switzerland

* The following is an article that was published in Ireland, but in light of the fact an article hasnt been published here yet, Im posting it here. DO NOT MESSAGE THIS ORG for applications, message Rangeley President of Austria, thank you.*


read more »