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Foreign Affairs

7 Day 837, 16:44 Ireland


Just a quick hello and greetings from your new Foreign Affairs team. We expect this to be a busy month for Foreign Affairs. We would like to see the general public here taking an interest in what is going on in … read more »

Your Sunday Foreign Affairs: On a Monday!?

10 Day 832, 14:24 Ireland

Your Sunday Foreign Affairs

Issue 2
Day 832 of the New World

On a Monday!?

I apologize. I'm having some bad weather where I'm at … read more »

Your Sunday Foreign Affairs: The Peace, and The War in the East

2 Day 824, 17:41 Ireland

Your Sunday Foreign Affairs

Issue 1
Day 824 of the New World

An Introduction

Every Sunday, I will be reviewing the week's events … read more »

Greetings from the New MoFA

10 Day 811, 13:51 Ireland

Hello eIreland. The Dagda signing in as the new eIrish Minister of Foreign Affairs. This will be a relatively short article, so have no fear it'll all be over soon.

I have a number of goals

read more »

WAR! WAR! WAR! ePoland invades eUK!

32 Day 787, 08:29 Ireland

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Press Release

Today, at approx. 0800 eRep time ePoland invaded the eUK. This invasion confirms long held rumors that EDEN is planning on wiping the eUK off the … read more »