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[MoFA] Presenting the Irish Secret Service

33 Day 908, 22:19 Published in Ireland Ireland

Good morning to all,

This is the first major update from the Foreign Ministry so far. I have had a very very busy week so far and I think you can recognise it from the amount of talking I've had to do with VPs, Presidents, and such.

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[MoFA]Slovakia: Ditching EDEN?

8 Day 901, 08:12 Published in Ireland Ireland

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The Foreign Ministry is Hiring!

Have you ever wanted to take that deep dive into foreign affairs and

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[MoFA] Staff and Work Done on Day One.

7 Day 900, 09:02 Published in Ireland Ireland

Ministry of Foreign Affairs- Day One Update

Good morning and welcome to the first update this term from the Foreign Ministry led by your very own former Health Minister Santiago Hortez. In this article, I would like … read more »

Staff of the Foreign Ministry

12 Day 839, 17:08 Published in Ireland Ireland

The Following are the staff of the Foreign Ministry for this term:

Deputy Ministers:

Nephworks(Mobile Ambassador)
Mr Ginge

Junior Ministers:

Patrick O'Toole
Santiago … read more »

Foreign Affairs

7 Day 837, 16:44 Published in Ireland Ireland


Just a quick hello and greetings from your new Foreign Affairs team. We expect this to be a busy month for Foreign Affairs. We would like to see the general public here taking an interest in what is going on in … read more »