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Ambassador Duties, Assignments

1 Day 999, 19:23 Poland

Evening Irish Citizens, Ambassadors and the world.

Today this article is written on behalf of the eIreland Foreign Affairs Ministry. The article will detail the life and duty that a Irish Ambassador is to perform and maintain. Being a Irish

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Ambassadors-Still Accepting

1 Day 999, 19:20 Poland

• Argentina -
• Australia - Jster
• Austria - JGutenberg
• Belgium -JohnSmith2K9
• Bolivia - Anothony Colby
• Bosnia and Herzegovina - mirek12345
• Brazil -
• Bulgaria -Commius
• Canada - Celsius
• Chile -
• China - Solaris

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Cork and Kerry Citzens, want back to Ireland?

11 Day 952, 15:26 Poland

Have you been stuck behind Polish lines, in the Irish region of Cork and Kerry?

If so please contact me, JohnSmith 2K9 Irish MOFA or this Org, and I will give you the link to get you 2 Moving tickets to get back to Ireland via Singapore city,

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Ambassador needed!

18 Day 931, 16:14 Ireland

Have you ever wanted to help your nation but don’t know where to start, An Ambassador ship is a great way to start, it’s a great way to get experice, so if you are active and want to help Ireland please apply for the following spots, I will update

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Ministry Update: Interim MoFA

14 Day 915, 03:58 Ireland

Owing to the recent circumstance experienced by our former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Santiago Hortez, effective immediately, I, Anaille Kolshire, will be assuming

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