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Indian government- Diplomacy

4 Day 1,129, 08:50 Published in India India

In my opionon, India should be making alliances with many countries because there is only so much the IAF can do. We need to make more allies. If you are a politican, or even an Indian citizen I urge you to join me as we ask our indian government

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China Invading Pakistan's regions

8 Day 1,129, 08:47 Published in India India

As I am in china i watch them invade pakistani regions day by day. It seems to me that people in china love to fight in wars, despite their strenght level. I see some people fighting and doing only 60 damage while others do 400. I think that it is

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Rebuilding India

7 Day 1,121, 16:40 Published in India India

Brothers and sisters of India, now that we have successfully regained enough regions we must now

start the actual rebuilding of our country. This will be a very hard task but as previous events have

showed, Indian citizens can overcome

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Resistance wars

10 Day 1,119, 17:32 Published in India India

Today is the day brothers and sisters, there is only one day to fight that is today. If we don't fight back

in the resistance wars there will be no tomorrow. Our country is already in great havoc and chaos. Why

must we fuel the flame? The

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India is back

20 Day 1,118, 14:49 Published in India India

After being wiped off the map by Pakistan, our glorious country has now triumphed in the state of

Tamil Nadu. All Indian citizens and there's allies shall be praised for this, but we all owe a great

thank you to Colin Lantrip. Colin Lantrip

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