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Economic Enrichment

5 Day 2,198, 17:14 India Financial business Financial business

In my opinion, our country is economically lacking and needs a stronger tax base.

The current 1% income tax is very low; I feel as if we can easily increase this tax without doing much harm to the economy. Imagine the increase in tax base … read more »

Liberation from Croats

5 Day 2,196, 14:43 India Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Mere Desh ki logh. I am temporarily back, as I will not be politically active I will at least be two clicking and dealing damage.

I see that we are currently working to liberate our great nation from the Croatian encroachment. Let us work … read more »

Desi Chake De!

2 Day 2,014, 12:43 India Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

India101 is back for sometime to erepublik, and will be training and working at least daily, and may even hit. Seeing the state of his nation has greatly hurt him, and thus he urges all to take action.

Citizens of this great nation,

read more »

A Time to Think

4 Day 1,886, 20:26 India Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Citizens of our great enation, it is time for us to reflect upon what has gone down in this new year. We are only 18 days into a new year, and we can already see the substantial change that has occurred in our beloved enation.

Live by read more »

The Disease Rages on

8 Day 1,880, 15:38 India Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

The disease rages on inflicting vital parts of our great mother India. This disease is none other than Croatian occupation. They spread, and take one region at a time and we as eIndians give it all we got.

Let Them Take our Country; As read more »