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New Era of Indian History

7 Day 1,747, 21:38 India Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

After a long and very crazy war we have finally managed to secure our last Thai-occupied original region. Madhya Pradesh was successfully liberated by our proud resistance force that put up quite the fight.

What Does This Mean?

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Vote India101 in Gujarat

3 Day 1,740, 01:55 India Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Dear Citizens,

I am inactive yes, because before I was HYPERACTIVE. But please understand school and studies are priory, and i still try to log in at least once daily. That is why I still am running for congress, because I could follow … read more »

Warriors of India!

6 Day 1,733, 01:42 India Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Dear Warriors!

I have been very inactive but I have just popped in to wish our whole country luck for what comes ahead. It seems that a war awaits us, and this time I hope all my fellow brethrens have strengthened and accumulated a … read more »

Contribute to Indian Airstrike o>

5 Day 1,725, 19:23 India Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Anyone over level 25 we need contributions for the airstrike. IT WOULD be a nice thing to have. Please just send money, and food for the cause. I have already donated 123 INR, and plan to donate a lot more. I think this can help our country and even

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India101 Addresses the Nation

6 Day 1,718, 14:02 India Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Breaking News: India101 has recently given Hindustani Times a tape, which he wanted us to play. Unfortunately since we cannot do audio, we will type out what he says.

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