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[MoF] Week 1 loans report

8 Day 1,514, 00:03 India Financial business Financial business

The Ministry of Finance will continue operation of the pre-existing loan service this month. As MoF I have made this article to promote awareness of the loan system and report on it's current status.

About the loan system

The loan

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Global Econ Stats - end of 2011

18 Day 1,501, 19:22 India Financial business Financial business

A global perspective on new world economics.

The most recent assault to the economic module has been the introduction of Q6 food and weapons. In this review we will find … read more »

Congress Presentation

2 Day 1,490, 01:14 India Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Greetings eIndia

I must say I am pleased to find a positive community spirit in eIndia since moving here. I encourage this to … read more »

Bazooka Update - Leaked information!

5 Day 1,460, 03:51 Australia Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

This is an advance warning NOT to purchase bazooka parts - you will not need them after the next bazooka update! See below.

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Global Economic Review / Revisión Económica Mundial (EN/ES)

17 Day 1,430, 07:22 Spain Financial business Financial business

Las traducciones se indican a continuación, como una cortesía.

Question 1: Which countries have the most economic power?

Economic Power Ranking
The " … read more »