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Congress Presentation

2 Day 1,490, 01:14 India Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Greetings eIndia

I must say I am pleased to find a positive community spirit in eIndia since moving here. I encourage this to … read more »

Bazooka Update - Leaked information!

5 Day 1,460, 03:51 Australia Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

This is an advance warning NOT to purchase bazooka parts - you will not need them after the next bazooka update! See below.

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Global Economic Review / Revisión Económica Mundial (EN/ES)

17 Day 1,430, 07:22 Spain Financial business Financial business

Las traducciones se indican a continuación, como una cortesía.

Question 1: Which countries have the most economic power?

Economic Power Ranking
The " … read more »

War on Indonesia - Guerra en Indonesia (EN/ES)

10 Day 1,429, 03:27 Spain Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

War fleets attack Indonesia from the northeast, northwest, and southwest.

USA, China, and Brazil have targeted Indonesia as their natural enemy. Full scale invasion read more »

Top 10 Advancements of the New World (EN/ES)

9 Day 1,365, 02:53 Spain Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Just for entertainment, versión en español más abajo.


We are privileged to exist in a utopian golden age of the future, and to celebrate what has been accomplished in the New World I have made a top 10 list. Enjoy!

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