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[eSAAF] Blue Giant ♥ White Dwarf

7 Day 2,293, 08:15 South Africa Battle orders Battle orders

Sirius is the brightest and 5th closest star to us. It is a binary star system of a blue giant Sirius A, 25x brighter than our sun and … read more »

Operation Pooitjie-Barbie (update 2284:1945)

20 Day 2,284, 03:14 South Africa Battle orders Battle orders

We are restarting mass attack strikes at 0300 eRep Time daily in #eSAAF-MA

Initially they … read more »

eSAAF: Day 2088 updated 0800

0 Day 2,087, 14:32 South Africa Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Commune Work
This is a general notice that all eSAAF commune workers must be employed by Grimstone or they will no longer qualify for Commune … read more »

Day 2081: MUT ado about NUTTIN'

2 Day 2,081, 04:35 South Africa First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

MU Tournament
The second Military Unit Tournament is officially over. How did it all go.

National Rankings
[img]http://gdriv.[/img] … read more »

Day 2079: Ekse tê eSAksie vir my jean pants

5 Day 2,079, 01:02 South Africa Battle orders Battle orders

War Report
South Africa is poised to NE Brazil to create more fronts. The manoeuvre is fraught with risk, but he who dares wins. This war is … read more »