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The Global Financial Meltdown of 2012

7 Day 1,536, 13:57 Canada Financial business Financial business

From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli, commodity prices are crashing. A result of too much production and not enough demand. With the unofficial death of the bots, there just isn't enough to hold up global prices. As a result, a … read more »

Grain Market Collapses 33% - (Feb 2nd, 2012)

14 Day 1,535, 12:08 Canada Financial business Financial business

Suddenly and without warning, the Grain Market in Canada has collapsed
by 33%. What was once a steady price of $0.30/cents per unit of grain it
is now worth $0.20/cents per unit.

Farmers are shutting down production. Workers are being fired.

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Save the CAD - Addy Lawrence

20 Day 1,525, 21:27 Canada Financial business Financial business

This is a call on the President to use his political and economic muscle to restore the Canadian Dollar to the beacon of strength. With over 700 Gold, the Government could work to boost the CAD above 1000. Our neighbors to the South, America, has … read more »