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This are politically newspaper's about Support for Cyprus Peoples,and defending our terretories.

Defeated Country

9 Day 2,016, 02:02 Cyprus Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

As i can see this country dont have future.There is no more reason for fighting for it,becouse nobody won't give you support, they just want to be slaves.NO DEstiny For us.


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Just do it:

17 Day 2,009, 01:55 Cyprus Battle orders Battle orders

Lets do it .Give support
Northern Cyprus
1/10 memmbers. Give support.

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First military steps:

5 Day 2,006, 12:12 Cyprus Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

21 · Vote 2/10 members.

All give support for uprising in Northern Cyprus.


Article by:Dragutin

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8 Day 2,006, 02:48 Cyprus Financial business Financial business

I have seen to we have our alliance group [Australia,South Africa,Pakisan..] so why we dont ask them for help?? I think point of alliances is helping ,not for looking and attacking.We should ask them.

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Reorganization -Military Unit-

6 Day 2,004, 14:38 Cyprus Battle orders Battle orders

Please lets make list of the most skilled's Cypricots ,and we can start creating one special Unity ,to back our country.Put ur name in comentar to i can add you on list.Im giving 20 gold for creating military unit.

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