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Reorganization -Military Unit-

Day 2,004, 14:38 by Car Dragutin

Please lets make list of the most skilled's Cypricots ,and we can start creating one special Unity ,to back our country.Put ur name in comentar to i can add you on list.Im giving 20 gold for creating military unit.



HeIlo Kitty
HeIlo Kitty Day 2,005, 12:08

give me 20 golds and i'll create CNG

Car Dragutin
Car Dragutin Day 2,005, 12:26


ElRoi Day 2,005, 12:32

You better keep your gold for your personal progress and growing up. It's a game and in games almost all want to be leaders, so real unity is unattainable.

HeIlo Kitty
HeIlo Kitty Day 2,005, 14:38

almost only , luckily some still don't care at all about their ego

Car Dragutin
Car Dragutin Day 2,005, 13:43

Ill see im looking for confidient person . :]

mahmut the magnificent
mahmut the magnificent Day 2,006, 10:17

adam promise demiş ya

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