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Congress for noobs.

3 Day 1,526, 17:40 New Zealand First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

For all new kiwis in this world, congress elections are coming up, so as a treat, here is how the elections work.

Congress or parliament in some countries is the legislative body for erepublik. They with the president make decisions regarding tax

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Isn't it Obvious #2

14 Day 1,523, 05:08 New Zealand Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Okay, as you know kiwis, the government is flipping around locations to fight on the island. The island is now split in half,vwith Aukland and Wellington occupied by chile, and Otago occupied by Australia. Many people are wondering why we are

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PnPP Elections

2 Day 1,515, 14:56 New Zealand Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Dear members of the PNPP, as you know , PP Fionia is leaving the job as PP tomorrow and someone new will take her place as PP of the PnPP. The candidates are as followed...

Mik Sharkfin.

Here are brief

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Nomination for congress

2 Day 1,512, 13:05 New Zealand Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

It is that time of month again when the party's choose candidates to run for congress on behalf on the party. As you may now know, it is a time when new people rise up in the face of power, and take control of the power. But power isn't just given,

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Random Sense

2 Day 1,508, 12:29 New Zealand Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Alright people as you know with the more scary movies coming out, I've decided to make a special. Naxhi's 6 basic rules to survive a horror movie.

1. Have parents that care.
2. Don't date crazy a-holes.
3. If you are stuck with the killer in a

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