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Day 1251

18 Day 1,251, 17:23 USA Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Canadians still be running amuck in the US. BLAME CANADA!!!

Turkey is still kicking a-- in Greece.

Turkey is stalled in Souther Cyprus, though, maybe they want to delay the inevitable.

Resistance forces of Greece cannot into Central Greece.

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Day 1250

12 Day 1,250, 17:21 USA Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Turkey is about to attack Greece, after five victories.

Bulgaria seems to be losing ground against FYROM in Eastern Macedonia.

Brazil strikes back at Poland in Parana and Santa Catarina.

Brazil also looks to take back NoB with their

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Day 1249

5 Day 1,249, 18:41 USA Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

After 4 solid wins, Turkey can into Macedonia.

Six wins later, China is now into Mazandaran and Golistan.

After 4 wins in Brazil, Poland is finally being stopped in Rio Grande do Sul.

Croatia looks to enact revenge by wiping Montenegro.

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Day 1248

13 Day 1,248, 15:22 USA Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Serbia is rolling through Russia, more at seven.

Turkey can into Central Greece.

Bulgaria is about to attack Macedonia. Rage on brothers, up to four regions again.

Unless something changes, Colombia will be wiped in about ten hours.

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Day 1247

8 Day 1,247, 16:39 USA Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

China continues to roll in Iran.

I reckon Argentina will remove Colombia from the map. Only two regions left and they are attacking the capital right now.

The US resistance in NJ is not doing well, down 6-1 atm.

US starts to take revenge

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