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11 Day 1,037, 15:05 Published in Ireland Ireland

Hello Irish citizens. This message is to you. We know what is coming after the recent triumph of Irish military strategy. With the liberation of Northern Ireland we all know the eUK won't sit idle and are planning a counter attack as we speak.

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Northern Ireland Is Free

22 Day 1,036, 19:32 Published in Ireland Ireland

At 19:00 hours on Day 1036 the region of Northern Ireland was freed from the occupation of the eUK by the valiant efforts of the citizens of Ireland and our allies around the world. Congratulations to all who fought with valor for Ireland. We have

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IDF Orders Day 1035

7 Day 1,035, 19:07 Published in Ireland Ireland

As I was going over
The Cork and Kerry Mountains.
I heard the sound of battle
Coming from Northern Ireland.

I first produced my pistol
and then produced my rapier.
I said have at them lads
To the Devil we will send them.

Soldiers of

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Soldiers of Ireland

11 Day 1,035, 17:17 Published in Ireland Ireland

This goes out to all the soldiers of Ireland. IDF, ICA, citizens, allies and all lovers of freedom.
You know what it coming. You have been reading the press. Get ready. The call could come at any time. We will free Northern Ireland.


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IDF Orders Day 1029

7 Day 1,029, 14:44 Published in Ireland Ireland

All IDF soldiers are ordered to fight for our ally Australia. Currently there are two battles open verses Indonesia.

Queensland and Victoria

This is an all divisions order, all soldiers are to report to for

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