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DoD Orders [Day 870/871] - Home Troops Only

15 Day 870, 14:27 Published in Ireland Ireland

Fight in the training war!

Those deployed, or deploying to Norway, to not fight in this war

<a class target="_blank" href="">Training War</a>

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DoD Orders - Na Fianna and Leinster Rangers Deploy

38 Day 869, 10:53 Published in Ireland Ireland

All Na Fianna and Leinster Rangers able to move, are to deploy instantly to... Norway.

Guns will be provided, for each day that you are deployed, and moving tickets to get you their and back.

Please mail this ORG once you have deployed, guns

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DoD Orders [Day 868/869]

13 Day 868, 23:34 Published in Ireland Ireland

Fight in the training war!

<a class target="_blank" href="">Training War</a>

Note: Its important that all troops attempt to rank up as quickly as possible, the … read more »

[DOD] Announcement's

19 Day 868, 08:51 Published in Ireland Ireland

Hello Ireland!

Hi im 5n4keyes, your new Minister of Defence, here to protect Ireland, and its friends.

I plan this term to reform the IDF, so that it is fully functioning, with working weapons distribution, and a clear, clean structure. So

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[DoD] Recruitment, Battle Stats and Other Info

27 Day 862, 06:27 Published in Ireland Ireland

Good Morning eIrelanders,

As you have by now probably figured out, it is my pleasure to be serving as the Minister for Defence.

Welcome to my first update : )

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