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Because force is the only viable option.


3 Day 2,285, 09:14 USA Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

I am sorry to report, but after a week of writing as detailed articles as I have, numbers have been decreasing at a steady rate, and I do believe that there is no point in doing this much detailed work and spending upwards to 2 hours analyzing maps,

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Analysis day 2283

11 Day 2,283, 16:05 USA Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Hi! Back again with another update! Once again, I will be covering both eCanada and eEurope! So lets just jump right into this:

War in eEurope:
lets just throw up a few maps :)

Day 2282:

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Analysis day 2281

7 Day 2,281, 18:28 USA Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

So! True to my word, here I am near the end of the day 2281, and here I will be breaking down the last 2 days into an easy to understand summary! Starting with the most boring subject as of late is Europe, and from there we will move onto the more

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Analysis day 2279

15 Day 2,279, 20:41 USA Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Alright! So here is my second article, and I've decided to give updates every other day about how battles are going in the eUS! Most of you might already know whats going on, but for those of you who took a day off, I am gonna be recapping the

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eUS in Rage Mode

1 Day 2,264, 22:50 USA Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Okay, so just getting started in this world, I see a lot of really neat things. But one thing I can't help but notice is the complete dissatisfaction of the general populace. So lets break things down a bit.

Okay, first off, I apologize, I don't

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