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Analysis day 2283

Day 2,283, 16:05 Published in USA USA by 2gundiplomacy

Hi! Back again with another update! Once again, I will be covering both eCanada and eEurope! So lets just jump right into this:

War in eEurope:
lets just throw up a few maps :)

Day 2282:


Day 2283:


Alright! Lets take a look at the breakdown of these last two days of fighting overseas! Starting with Serbia, they have recently lost Sicily to Italy, but looking at the map, they have reclaimed it earlier today. The Iranians have made a push onto German soil, and once again, the Germans are back on the defense with their territory Thuringia, pushing a RW and winning 21 to 1 in favor of Germany. Spain has now lost all territories in eEurope. And that is all for eEurope!

War in Canada!
Well, lets throw up some maps! :D
Day 2282:


Day 2283:


Well, it seems that my earlier prediction of the ePresident Rylde was sorely misplaced. And with that I give props to Klop123 for making that call. Good job Klop! However, it has been a sore day for the Spanish as they have lost the Northwest Territories, and are currently in defense of a frontal attack in the region of Yukon. Spain is currently winning this fight 55 to 0. It is crucial for Spain to hold these regions, as they are Spains last hold in the eWorld. eCanada has also launched a Revolution in New Burnswick, in which Canada is leading 12 to 10 in the 3rd battle. And that about sums up the wars in Canada!

Until next time, may you solve all your problems with force. ;)

Psst, want more information, but don't wanna look for it? Here are some articles I've found that might be for you! :)

Subject: Warfare analysis
Publisher: Rylde and Free
Author: Rylde (Canadian President)
"[CP] Fortune Favours the Relentless"

Subject: Warfare analysis
Publisher: The Black Lion Rampant
Author: Xander Kross
"Strategic Defiance - A Jolly Good Time!"


Supra Felipe
Supra Felipe Day 2,283, 16:22

foreign pole

Supra Felipe
Supra Felipe Day 2,283, 16:23


2gundiplomacy Day 2,283, 17:55

lol you guys are funny :p

Supra Felipe
Supra Felipe Day 2,283, 18:03

funny? i ? XDDDDD pls

2gundiplomacy Day 2,283, 18:53

yes lol you

Supra Felipe
Supra Felipe Day 2,283, 19:04

Jude Conners
Jude Conners Day 2,284, 01:49

Thanks for the article.

29HEK Day 2,287, 07:56


K9Fun661 Day 2,287, 11:45

Voted for AB 82nd division

jmurrib21 Day 2,287, 14:26


NecromanMMO Day 2,318, 20:46

voted Go Airborne

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