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The happy-funny end

Day 1,979, 13:54 Published in Belgium Belgium by Kristina161

I'm happy to see a good solution about the problem eFrance-eBelgium

Hey frenchs ! We have already our revenge, this video is the proof.

VIDEO : Bruno Solo piégé par notre belge Francois ! Version in french sorry

Wisdom is the battle's trophy.

ARTICLE from the government ebelgium about the war.

The peace is the best way between our two countries but we had several consequences after the war.

Now, we are going to ask compensation for damages done.

And for me, i need few days to recover !

But in the end we are ready to exchange the big spammer from HOPE for a long last peace.

Few interesting articles in the press :

Battle Orders Day 1979

TBRE Alliances of the eworld by Tony

New article (so long today) from kylero about Zamiatinist

Have a nice day !



Kristina161 Day 1,979, 13:56

first o/

Val3s OBrien
Val3s OBrien Day 1,979, 13:59

Why nothing for me

Kristina161 Day 1,979, 14:03

well just few minutes :p

eagle one
eagle one Day 1,979, 14:11

Votado ^^ ( faut avouer que je vous ai bien aidé aussi :p ) ♥

Kristina161 Day 1,979, 14:13

pas faux :p j'en sourie encore !

Santiago Junior
Santiago Junior Day 1,979, 14:40

Mouhahaha i'm so fair-play today i don't understand. Elynea 6 vote max!

Kristina161 Day 1,979, 14:50

i lost all my money for the war, i can't pay more for votes -_-

Santiago Junior
Santiago Junior Day 1,979, 15:15

i don't understand why you copy paste the notification about me

Kristina161 Day 1,979, 15:16

to prove you are a spammer :o

Santiago Junior
Santiago Junior Day 1,979, 15:19

before build UU where you come from? also from the evil axe? hihihi

Kristina161 Day 1,979, 15:21

Comment deleted

Torfyn Day 1,979, 15:22

Désolé, mais Alizée est corse, et vous ne pouvez pas avoir de corses :p

Kristina161 Day 1,979, 15:23

On aura tenté :p

Jofroi Day 1,979, 22:22

Il a raison, mais la corse n'est pas francaise non plus :p

TylerTweet Day 1,979, 15:35

Non merci pour G.W.Junior même si il est drôle parfois.

Riemann76 Day 1,979, 15:38

Non celui-ci on vous le laisse, l'eFrance s'est déjà fait TO par la Belgique en Janvier....

Jofroi Day 1,979, 22:22

Ca nous avait bien fait marrer a l'époque d'ailleurs :p

flasckq Day 1,979, 15:43

So flexible Ely :o

Cotarius Day 1,979, 20:44


Pierre Alain
Pierre Alain Day 1,980, 00:38

Funny indeed

But this is less funny : : (

Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Day 1,980, 02:48

It's automatic attack, it's game mechanism coz your CP didnt accept the peace we offer for the moment... Impossible to stop a war without peace^^

Jeiry Day 1,980, 01:33

On the picture, Elynea's got a penis. oO

Djonydjo Day 1,980, 03:03

Waw, what a scoop ! She has been hiding it for so long !

Kristina161 Day 1,980, 03:07

LoL you can rename me Robert !

Kristina161 Day 1,980, 03:17

Comment deleted

Kristina161 Day 1,980, 05:26

Maintenant que j'ai mis mes lunettes, en effet il y a un semblant de doigt un peu bizarre... j'avais pas vu... mais tu as du zoomer pour le voir :p

Pertazeta Day 1,980, 09:45


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