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Epic moments in aviation - Part 2

Day 2,471, 09:10 Published in Romania Argentina by Oda.Nobunaga

Hello Hello! welcome back to the second part of epic moments in aviation! many of you wrote very nice messages about the first part and that maked me happy, thank you! if you missed the first part (how could you? D: ) click on the folowing link: Epic moments in aviation - Part 1

This 2nd part will contain some pics related to anothers in the 1st part, so let's go and enjoy it!

(images are not in full size so you don't have to wait to much to see all the pictures, if you want to see it bigger, just click the one you like ;) )

1- The cute duck

You're looking at the Sukhoi Su-34 aka "duck face" one of the most versatile fighters of the russian air force. This friend might be ugly but watch it! it can blow up an entire town in a second.

2- Lowest pass on history?

I think yes :D this insanity, because there's no other word to describe it, happened in Argentina (It wasn't me. I swear!) at General Rodriguez Air Show in 2011. You can see the video here

3- The other face of Kai Tak

I'm sure you guys remember Kai Tak, if not go to the first part! this is one of the normal shots back in the 90's when the aircraft had to flight through buildings in order to make the final approach to land.

4- Missile lock? haha so cute!

You're looking at the SR-71 Blackbird, the most iconic aircraft in the history of the United States Air Force. This bird was so fast that could simply avoid hostile missiles by acelerating. This fact made some jokes like this one

5- Saint Maarten again?

No! but it's close from there :D this is on St. Barth Island, in the airport called Gustaf III. The approach in the photo is unusual since the regular one is on the other side, but you have to fly through a road and a hill, and THIS is what happens when you take to much to land. Also there's no ATC (Air Traffic Control) so, land at your own risk.

6- The other face of San Francisco

I'm sure you remember the incredible close approach over San Francisco, here you can see the same approach but in another perspective of Runways 28 Left & Right. And you guys didn't believe me when I said there was no photoshop :(

7- Most dangerous runway ever

Welcome to SABA airport (near Saint Maarten and St Barth) the most dangerous in the world. Despide this title, there has been no accidents until now, this airport also have the shortest runway (400 meters) and you can notice the X signal on in marking it as closed, but that's no restriction for some pilots of local airlines who land here at their own risk since it doesn't have ATC.

8- Lukla, do you know it?

Did you ever heard about it? this is the highest airport in the world, near mount Everest. It's real name is Tenzing-Hillary in honour to the first people to be on top of the Everest (Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay). This airport serves as a main base for those who want to climb the everest and it's extremly dangerous because you can't go around once you're on final approach for land (you have a mountain at the end of the runway). It might be dangerous, but there's a lot of pilots flying there as you can see in this video

9- Nowadays lawnmower

The Argentina Air Force pilots got tired of cutting off the grass with common lawnmower so they started to use the IA-58 Pucará (it means fortress in quechua, an originary language) which is more fast :D you can see it in action in this video

10- Do you even generate lift?

I present you the Antonov An-225 Mriya (dream in ukranian). This monster (because there's no other word to describe it) is the biggest aircraft in service. It has 32 wheels (28 in the main landing gear), 6 powerfull engines, 84 meters length (275 ft) and can take off with a maximum weight of 640Tn. The engines are so powerfull that after it takes off you can't use the runway for over 5 minutes because it generates turbulence!

Well, we came to the end...of this part :D I appreciate your time! Soon I'll bring you the 3rd part. If you want to know more or you have any doubt you can PM me :)

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epic moments in aviation - Part 2

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Oda.Nobunaga Day 2,471, 09:10

First Denied.

The5thElement Day 2,471, 09:12

Still first!

CornelB Day 2,471, 09:21

3st !!!

The5thElement Day 2,471, 09:23

The 3st is strong in this one! Have a beer...

ro11ro Day 2,471, 09:11


Doushiyou Day 2,471, 09:12

Sal gelsin!

SFlorin Day 2,471, 09:13


turturica Day 2,471, 09:20

very nice, again

Oda.Nobunaga Day 2,471, 09:24

Thank you! :*

PMihai Day 2,471, 09:34

another well written article

Oda.Nobunaga Day 2,471, 09:44


LucyFernandez Day 2,471, 09:35

Oda.Nobunaga Day 2,471, 09:45

Eres jrande!

Oda.Nobunaga Day 2,471, 09:45

Done, have a nice stay

Faik.Konica Day 2,471, 09:46


TucumetaL Day 2,471, 09:36


Oda.Nobunaga Day 2,471, 09:45

Danke my amiguen

TucumetaL Day 2,471, 09:53

De naden. Pero naden de amiguen, mi celuaren es míen (?

Oda.Nobunaga Day 2,471, 09:59


New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 2,471, 09:40

Nice read, voted.

Oda.Nobunaga Day 2,471, 09:45

Thank you!

fedora dlc
fedora dlc Day 2,471, 09:57

da' stiu ca-ti plac avioanele, nu gluma

Oda.Nobunaga Day 2,471, 10:00

don. mitsos
don. mitsos Day 2,471, 09:59

Nice o/

Oda.Nobunaga Day 2,471, 10:00

Thanks mate

DacianI Day 2,471, 10:01

Good job!

Oda.Nobunaga Day 2,471, 10:08


XXCiro Day 2,471, 10:18

v20, saraseando cosmicamente

Oda.Nobunaga Day 2,471, 10:30

gracias champion

Oda.Nobunaga Day 2,471, 10:31


Bullterier Day 2,471, 10:28


Oda.Nobunaga Day 2,471, 10:31


Oda.Nobunaga Day 2,471, 10:31


la.caterinca Day 2,471, 10:32


Sergiu911 Day 2,471, 10:52


Oda.Nobunaga Day 2,471, 11:15


solamente yo
solamente yo Day 2,471, 11:44

Quiero q me aterrizes el AN-225 en el aeropuerto de SABA. NOW!

Oda.Nobunaga Day 2,471, 12:06

Jajajaj estas loca

solamente yo
solamente yo Day 2,471, 12:07

te sorprende q este loca? PAR FAVAR!!!!!

Oda.Nobunaga Day 2,471, 12:15


Alina V
Alina V Day 2,471, 12:16

Epic ~(^-^)~
Please remind me what ATC is...

Oda.Nobunaga Day 2,471, 12:24

Sorry! I should put it on the article it means Air Traffic Control


Alina V
Alina V Day 2,471, 12:39

Waiting for the next one!

KansasCityShuffle Day 2,471, 12:21

Good work.

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