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eMoldova ImportTax=1% VAT=1%

Day 1,876, 07:16 Published in Republic of Moldova Republic of Moldova by Alexandru Barbarosie
Hey eWorld!!!

eMoldova opened it's weapon market for all foreigners!

You wont cheap weapons!?

They are here, in eMoldova!!!

So, you produce wepons, but your country has a value added TAX of 2-3-4-5 or even more percent!?

Then eMoldova is the place where you should sell your weapons!

Come to eMoldova's weapon market, we have girls ;)

V & Shout please:
eMoldova ImportTax=1% VAT=1%


maruseav Day 1,876, 07:24


t150 Day 1,876, 07:26


Mikael Kanto
Mikael Kanto Day 1,876, 07:39


Mikael Kanto
Mikael Kanto Day 1,876, 07:40

You should change the screenshot or indicate this law was approved a long time ago (not 2 days).

Rik Daphnee
Rik Daphnee Day 1,876, 07:49

Interesting : D

Sawayne Day 1,876, 08:04


Norman Asante
Norman Asante Day 1,876, 08:49

Better do first a baby boom.

The population of Moldova is decreasing with 1.5% per day more than 6 weeks in a row.

With such a stupid policy, Moldova will disappear in few weeks.

Rocket Red
Rocket Red Day 1,876, 17:27


ShortySkizzo Day 1,877, 11:29

NA +1

Alexandru Barbarosie
Alexandru Barbarosie Day 1,877, 11:37

NA, eu cu mare placere as vedea in eRep inca citeva sute de eMoldoveni reali, sincer daca cineva vine cu o propunere reala cum ii putem aduce fara a goli cardurile pt companiile de pe fb, eu nu cred ca cineva va refuza sa il ajute,

Norman Asante
Norman Asante Day 1,877, 13:19

AB, probabil ai citit neatent programul pe care si-l propunea sa-l realizeze maruseav. V-ati răzgândit deja dupa alegeri sa-l puneți in practica? Deci a fost o simpla gogoașă preelectorala acel program?

Unde e NE-ul, unde sunt echiparile promise, unde e referendumul cu privire la relatiile de neagresune cu Croatia. Desigur ca toate acestea pot retine userii in joc si implicit in eMoldova.

Referitor la BB, cred ca nu se doreste sau nu se intelege importanta promovarii si aducerii permanente a jucatorilor noi. Alta explicatie nu am de ce se neglijează acest subiect sensibil si strategic.

Alexandru Barbarosie
Alexandru Barbarosie Day 1,878, 01:16

NA, e usor sa vrei ceva, pe cine sa punem NE? Pe Ucr ca pe urma sa fim stersi de Polonia? Pe Romanaia? Pe Ungaria?
Ceea ce tine "referendumul cu privire la relatiile de neagresune cu Croatia" cred ca este evident ca nu mai putem vb despre asta dupa ce am semnat alianta cu India.

Referitor la BB, vrei sa zici daca la conducere ar fi alt partid acela ar face BB? Adic el ar putea sa il faca? Adic el stie ce sa faca si tace?

HutsulUA Day 1,887, 09:59


Bozhok Bohdan
Bozhok Bohdan Day 1,887, 12:16

Moldova it is Ukraine

RoteBaron Day 1,887, 12:25


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