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eMoldova ImportTax=1% VAT=1%

Day 1,867, 14:14 by Alexandru Barbarosie
Hey eWorld!!!

eMoldova opened it's weapon market for all foreigners!

You wont cheap weapons!?

They are here, in eMoldova!!!

So, you produce wepons, but your country has a value added TAX of 2-3-4-5 or even more percent!?

Then eMoldova is the place where you should sell your weapons!

Come to eMoldova's weapon market, we have girls ;)

V & Shout please:
eMoldova ImportTax=1% VAT=1%


Andreica1989 Day 1,867, 14:29

vote! best prices!!!

Nick Meis
Nick Meis Day 1,867, 16:22

Buy 1000 and get you reward from PLato. A sexy girl : D : 333

LoneWanker Day 1,867, 17:06

now i need Moldova licensee

Mikael Kanto
Mikael Kanto Day 1,868, 00:13

The most important is that we are going to keep this direction for a long time..

Norman Asante
Norman Asante Day 1,868, 00:25

Mikael Kanto, you will die soon.

Sawayne Day 1,868, 01:35


MDreams Day 1,868, 06:37

Norman Asante - you're already dead...

Norman Asante
Norman Asante Day 1,868, 06:44

MDreams, U are right, eMoldova is a dead country with such a congres and CP...

MDreams Day 1,868, 06:47

I feel that you are the only one who keep telling that, maybe is the right time for you to go in hell?

Norman Asante
Norman Asante Day 1,868, 06:59

ok MDreams, wait me there.

Alexander of Babylon Day 1,868, 19:56

Comment deleted

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