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[tBRE] The military strenght of CoT countries - days 1860-1880

Day 1,881, 06:40 Published in Belgium Belgium by Tony Clifford

New update of CoT military strength!

Influence data were monitored for two weeks from day 1860 to day 1880. The data were then averaged to get the average daily influence for the 2 weeks!
Days 1864, 1868, 1869, 1775, 1778, 1779 are missing ( had lot of problems these two weeks).

CoT slightly went down from 19.8% in 1865 (see here) to 19.5% of eWorld weighted influence.

Two weeks ago, Macedonia overpassed Bulgaria as the most powerful CoT country. Macedonia mantains this position and now constitutes the 24.5% of CoT daily influence (up from the 23.5%). Bulgaria remains the strongest country in div3, and the second most powerful overall with 23.6% (up from 23.2%). Chile is the most powerful in div1 and div2 , and it is the third overall with the 18.6% (down from 18.9%). Indonesia is fourth with 11.3 %, the newest member Lithuania is now fifth with 5.3%, Mexico is the sixth with 4.9%, the remaining 8 countries constitute the 11.9%.

There are rumors that the USA might join CoT. So I added them at the bottom of the table.
The USA would be the most powerful CoT country, but only thanks to div4. In the other divisions, the USA are overpassed by other CoT countries. In fact, US total damage correspond to the 37.4% of the CoT total damage, but if weighted damage is considered, the US weighted damage constitutes the 26.4% of CoT.

Here you are the total and the weighted influence of CoT (millions of average daily damage):

Pie chart:

Pie chart with the USA:


History of CoT strenght (percentage of eWorld's influence):


The Alliances Bar
Based on the total monthly influence
(last article:

Alliances include TWO (violet), CoT (Blue), Asgard (yellow) and EDEN (green).
The most powerful neutral countries were added (USA (red), Brazil (dark red), Russia (orange)).
The other countries were divided in CoTWO-side neutrals (light blue) and in EDEN-side neutrals (light green) on the basis of their MPPs in day 1872.

Coalitions A is a comparison among three sides:
CoT+TWO+CoTWO neutrals vs. Brazil+USA+Russia vs. EDEN+Asgard+EDEN neutrals
Coalitions B is a comparison between the two main sides and the USA:
CoT+TWO+CoTWO neutrals+Brazil vs. EDEN+Asgard+EDEN neutrals+Russia vs. USA

The difference in damage between CoTWO and EDEN is stable at about 8%. CoTWO countries have a majority of damage, even without the USA.

The figures:

by Tony Clifford
Total Influence is the damage that was done in battles , the damage you can see increasing in your browser when you click in the Battle Module.
Weighted influence is a modified stat that takes into account that in the new War Module one single point of influence in lower divisions has actually more military value than in higher ones. (In this two weeks: 1.0 div1 = 2.5 div2 = 6.1 div3 = 19.0 div4)

Roundings were performed on these data. Arithmetic operations using these stats may results in slightly different numbers than those shown



Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Day 1,881, 06:45

Thanks PP Tony!

vejderr Day 1,881, 06:47

nice one

Canester Day 1,881, 06:47

Great Stat : D
Nice Pie xD

James Scarlet
James Scarlet Day 1,881, 06:47

Great article, as usual.

Raskol the Malicious
Raskol the Malicious Day 1,881, 06:51

Nice as always !

Ibarrai Day 1,881, 06:58

V + S

Great article.

Saludos desde eParaguay! o/

dDejan Day 1,881, 07:06

Once again, awesome article!

guigod Day 1,881, 07:09


Olv007 Day 1,881, 07:19

Voted, of course!

BGSon Day 1,881, 07:29

V+S Great

Bardokva Day 1,881, 07:35

v+s 07

Gyantse Day 1,881, 08:02

voted, nice done

Kaad Day 1,881, 08:02

CoT will soon represent 25% of wolrds damage! Great!

Alexandross Day 1,881, 08:43

I love your articles, vote! : )

abvera Day 1,881, 08:58


Arfan-Khan Day 1,881, 09:14


Makatero Day 1,881, 09:19

v + s

BrunoCND Day 1,881, 09:22

as always : NICE ARTICLE

Backwards Day 1,881, 09:35

I like pie. Mmmmm pie.

don zebosk
don zebosk Day 1,881, 11:46

what a great article

teXou Day 1,881, 11:46


CatBea Day 1,881, 12:03


nW0lf Day 1,882, 23:54

voted, as always.

Phantom Pain
Phantom Pain Day 1,882, 02:56

Keep up the good work!

Tervel 2
Tervel 2 Day 1,882, 03:02


kapash Day 1,882, 04:12

loved the graffics keep it up!

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,882, 05:57

good article

THE SPIRIT III Day 1,882, 05:59


Mafch093 Day 1,882, 05:59

Im not sure about USA. v + s

iPSiArt Day 1,882, 06:35


Tautis_LT Day 1,882, 06:54

nice work, thanks o7

hip hip huray for Lithuania o/
if Indonesia was not so good friend who knows maybe we would end up 4th in next article : DDDD

MR. HANK SCORPIO Day 1,882, 07:28

Great article as always

volk 1975
volk 1975 Day 1,882, 10:51


bojko3131 Day 1,882, 13:44

v106 s 329

Acid Jazz
Acid Jazz Day 1,887, 06:12


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