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[MoFA] Amazing Race 2 - Goes International! The Result!

Day 1,839, 13:54 by MoFA Republic Of eIndonesia

Hello Fellas!
Wherever you are, Whenever you read this, Whatever you do

"Things are better left unspoken. But well, just say what you wanna say." - LarasDea

Hello everyone :)

As what you know few days ago, at Friday, Day 1837 from 04.30 to 07.30 eRep Time, I held a beautiful event called Amazing Race 2 - Goes International

It was awesome! The participant who registered was 79 person as what you can see here. However, unfortunately, they who really participated on the race was only 50 :s And you can see who were they here. Maybe it's because of the time differences or something like that :s

But overall, the race was fun! Even if some of the participants told me that the question was too hard :p Well i have to admit it, I'm the one who made all of those questions :p You can see it from here :D

And here's the winner

1. Yufan from eUkraine

2. Seven Degrees from eIndonesia

3. Titomerdeka from eIndonesia

Congratulation to all winner :) I will send the prize soon with LarasDea's account :p

I would like to thanks to all who participate in this race. Those who kindly give their money for this event (thank you very much :*) And those who really made it with me from the beginning til the end of the game to stay at IRC, be the channel guards :) I love you all <3

Next month, i will made this kind of game again. But maybe, i'll make the question li'l bit easier :s So that someone will win the race :D

See you again next month :D And happy holiday!!!

Warm regards,
Ms. LarasDea
MoFA of eIndonesia

Susunan Team MoFA Oktober - November 2012

Head MoFA :LarasDea

MoFA : Crow Ford

vMoFA :
1. wali9
2. rhiannon28

Well that's all. Forgive all my bad words, if it does exist.

Keep Trying, Keep Believing, Keep Praying.

With love,

Contact me :
IRC Nick : LarasDea



SilverF0X Day 1,839, 13:58


yufan Day 1,839, 14:20

thank you guys one more time, the game was great!

kronos777 Day 1,839, 14:47

great game, thank you!

Eraclev Day 1,839, 15:14

\o/ Congrats for the winner..

SkiF UA Day 1,839, 16:10

yufan o/

Luciver Day 1,839, 17:00

me no winning?
no vote

a h a s r a p
a h a s r a p Day 1,839, 19:57

Gila ini acara paling sukses bulan ini dari kementrian paling aktif, percis kayak tulisan d koran ini.

Raihan Tatuhey
Raihan Tatuhey Day 1,839, 20:30


woodward354 Day 1,839, 21:03

Bangga bisa menjadi bagian dari salah satu kementrian yg paling aktif.
Thank you so much, LarasDea.


titomerdeka Day 1,839, 22:18

great game

LarasDea Day 1,840, 23:42

Thank you for supporting this game
See you again next month

adit 99
adit 99 Day 1,840, 23:58

Kementrian Paling Aktif :o

Bener kata pepatah, "Gosip menyatukan segalanya" :p

somaka Day 1,840, 00:02


dwardzz Day 1,840, 00:27

gileee jalan juga akhirnya ini lomba (terharu)

saran: masukin juga dong jalannya lomba disini, beberapa screenshot gitu

Lenko Karhel
Lenko Karhel Day 1,840, 01:10


alwinlah Day 1,840, 02:37

sialan kalah gara gara dimarahin

Si Barda
Si Barda Day 1,840, 09:02


sekalian promosi ah..
gawaw ma modul war, politik n ekonomi di erep?
ipk nasakom?
mo UAS?
baru putus cinta?bertepuk sebelah tangan?
ditinggal kawin ma pasangan?
atau gawaw gawaw lainnya?

Ekspresikan gawaw lo di "Amazing Gawawlicious" \o/
coming soon..

"Amazing Gossip n Hura2 Team kerja bareng ma Tim ReRI" \o/
/me cong gossip & hura2 \o/

Vernydub Day 1,840, 09:16

congratz for yufan o7

aaogi Day 1,840, 16:31

vote angky for eIndonesia CP \o/

andidonk Day 1,840, 20:27

gw mentok di clue yang pertama.

ada yang bisa kasih rincian clue n jawaban tiap2 level gak?
biar gw gak ngerasa bodoh2 amat.

Elucidator Day 1,840, 20:33

hail mofa larasdea

Altalis Day 1,840, 21:10

/me no winning
no vote

Altalis Day 1,840, 21:11

AAAAAA udah terlanjur vote... ya sudah gpp :p

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