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[Dictator] Rylde for CP

10 Dia 2,692, 20:41 Publicado em Canada Canada Análise e debates políticos Análise e debates políticos

So you bunch of ungratefuls actually thought I was going to runaway on a debt that I promised to pay after you played with me all these years. Pissing people off for fun used to be my … mais informações »

Canadians Are Useless

42 Dia 2,690, 04:48 Publicado em Canada Canada Análise da guerra Análise da guerra

[img]You no longer deserve my pics of Glory[/img]

You all sit around and groan about how this game has taken the turn for the worse.

We wiped Albania in a aggressive glorious style and I'm 500k cc in debt for it trying to bring you some fun.

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The Final Act

11 Dia 2,687, 19:49 Publicado em Canada Canada Análise da guerra Análise da guerra

The curtains are coming to a close on this epic Airstrike campaign and for good or ill it ends with this final battle in Umm al Quwain against … mais informações »

[Dictator] Dark Lords Impression

13 Dia 2,683, 02:40 Publicado em Japan Japan Análise da guerra Análise da guerra

I'm very sorry Japan for directing my soldiers to a unwanted combat zone. I just figured since your nation has spent so long under occupation it could use a boost of support and … mais informações »

[Dictator] Rylde's War Bonds

17 Dia 2,682, 22:09 Publicado em Canada Canada Assuntos financeiros Assuntos financeiros

Canada is currently prepping for war and I don't plan on losing because of a lack of funds on hand.

I'm selling 100 Bonds at 2000cc each. They will be paid back one month from … mais informações »