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Canadian Tank Depot

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With long periods of wipe and war times are tough for all players in this game especially those that choose to not give into Plato's addiction of gold … mais informações »

[CPF] What there longest serving really think

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I believe this quote has some bearing on this months election with the way the media has operated … mais informações »

Cordis Die Bolstering the Ranks

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Donation drive

First off I'd like to say thank you to everyone that supported the Cordis Die donation drive of liberation, mais informações »

Time to sound the Horn Cordis Die

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I never post songs unless its the littlest hobo or I'm drunk. Wait I'm drunk and no littlest hobo. Now I'm disappointed informações »

20 Questions First Blood

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Well for my first guinea pig I figured might as well pick Crissy otherwise known as Crisfire. Why you might ask?

Good chance to test out my first questions and plus I'm … mais informações »