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Cookin With Gas

41 Dia 2,467, 02:05 Canadá Análise da guerra Análise da guerra

Just some thoughts from an old warmonger while we sit here in stagnation. I haven't had the time or inclination to follow our politics or the worlds. Political or war … mais informações »

Fortune favours he who fights for it

46 Dia 2,450, 05:09 Canadá Assuntos financeiros Assuntos financeiros

I show up for election day with no endorsement as I don't know whats going on. So I give none regardless of who's running. I still live and I always … mais informações »

"Stay Frosty" Till the Last, is the last

139 Dia 2,380, 05:10 Canadá Ordens de batalha Ordens de batalha

The name of this article is immediately awesome because its a line from my favorite movie Aliens.

My true love in this game Marychan I chased her for a year to marry me … mais informações »

The Sleeper Awakens

19 Dia 2,368, 04:30 Canadá Análise da guerra Análise da guerra

I left on an important note. That important note has now passed. I'll be re-entering the fray this sunday backed by the full power of the whorehouse.

Count … mais informações »

Drunk and Venting

31 Dia 2,364, 03:48 Canadá Entretenimento e interações sociais Entretenimento e interações sociais

Yo erep remember those good old days when the game was half decent I spent all that money and time here.

Currently those times look to be at an end. Your fault and not mine. … mais informações »