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USA wake up!

Дан 1,761, 02:34 Објављено у USA Румунија од thaddaus
Hi, dear friends and respected enemies!

As we all can see evil Eden is trying to PTO America.

So a whole army is parachuted on US soil!

Here are some picture i manage to catch of those paratroopers landing on USA!
I hope everything is clear now!

on 13th of September was the first wave

on 14th of September was the entire army




loordsteaua Дан 1,761, 02:36


Titless fairy
Titless fairy Дан 1,761, 02:38


N4zGuL Дан 1,761, 02:42

Space Cowboy for Eden SC

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Дан 1,761, 02:44

Space Cowboy for Eden SC +1 ahahhaha

vasspana Дан 1,761, 02:55

Go away Eden fighters from USA, leave Serbs to do they job!!!

Admiral M
Admiral M Дан 1,761, 03:24


DiegoIceAge Дан 1,761, 03:29

Hail Serbia!!!

Enkel Дан 1,761, 03:37


vladb Дан 1,761, 03:38

But the got rid of the resources ,how is this possible ? 🙂

BeachBunny Дан 1,761, 03:41

Absolutely sickening

Guderian1 Дан 1,761, 03:41

Evil Eden propaganda!!! Again innocent Serbs are being blamed for someone else's dirty work! : )))

Suzuki Ryosuke
Suzuki Ryosuke Дан 1,761, 03:46


I lol to your face idiot Palestine Stevens...!

Surgeon106 Дан 1,761, 03:48

Evil evil EDEN xD

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Дан 1,761, 03:58

oh oh oh oh oh

Dru Blood
Dru Blood Дан 1,761, 04:02

I blame the IES, CIA, Homeland Security and T-ball....

E R M A L Дан 1,761, 04:12

Eden ? That congressman accepted only serbs.

Admiral  PAC
Admiral PAC Дан 1,761, 04:28

Evil Eden propaganda!!! Again innocent Serbs are being blamed for someone else's dirty work! : )))

Cbgd Дан 1,761, 04:35

pigdisgusting EDEN...why are you bringing serbs in US ? damn you EDEN

Mr. Chapel
Mr. Chapel Дан 1,761, 04:51

That congressman is a traitor!
Damn Balkan...

Doom Occulta
Doom Occulta Дан 1,761, 04:54

yeah, be blind as you will be called eAmerican Turkey pretty soon!
and i will be laughin', hahahahha! : DDD
ccc gur gur gur ccc

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Дан 1,761, 04:54


soil3d Дан 1,761, 05:22


Jan Karal Chadkievicz
Jan Karal Chadkievicz Дан 1,761, 05:23

Evil Eden propaganda!!! Again innocent Serbs are being blamed for someone else's dirty work! : ))) x2

TheSpaceCowboy Дан 1,761, 05:50

That is what happens when you and your government turn back to your officers and military unit.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Дан 1,761, 05:52

BULLSHIT...no matter what your officers do to you YOU DO NOT TURN on your people.

The eUS Military didn't allow an enemy to PTO our country, neither should you Princess.

Dirtbag. Shame on you.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Дан 1,761, 05:54


zly czlowiek Дан 1,761, 05:58

Коментар је обрисан

Ariakis Дан 1,761, 06:08

"BULLSHIT...no matter what your officers do to you YOU DO NOT TURN on your people."

Well - in fact he didn't turn out on his people. Just someone let Serb into USAF and made him one of officers doesn't exactly make him American. 😉

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Дан 1,761, 06:14

Good point, Ariakis. *facepalms again*

We need a time machine to take us back to the time before we allowed certain people that think they had the right to run everything, including the military, so we can break their fingers before they could sign up for this game.

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Дан 1,761, 06:28

many of this things would not happen if our Gov do their job properly.

as i understand, TSC did his officer's job good, and i dont see problem in that he's serbian or what. im for that every player who wants to become eAmerican and prove that, he is true eAmerican !!! same is for guys from eRom, eGre, eAtlantis...

MrBogdan Дан 1,761, 06:29

Serbia is Eden!

Ariakis Дан 1,761, 06:31

So, we're going to invent it in yours or my garage?

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Дан 1,761, 06:31

Why is Mouse capitalised? Is 'Mouse' really Jerry's surname?

HannyaTR Дан 1,761, 06:33

Evil Eden propaganda!!! Again innocent Serbs are being blamed for someone else's dirty work! : )

Zimniy Veter
Zimniy Veter Дан 1,761, 06:41

HAIL United States of Serbia!

Ro.Spartacus Дан 1,761, 06:51

@Metaphysics +1

DonKriz Дан 1,761, 07:28

Need votes or subs?
Order them here:

Avruch Дан 1,761, 07:39

Didn't take long for the "Black Sheep" to choose sides, did it.

Adam Pro
Adam Pro Дан 1,761, 09:01

but if you type there names in they all went to fu** america party i mean RLC i mean we the people

vasmegye Дан 1,761, 09:06


eShades Дан 1,761, 09:26

Avruch and TheSpaceCowboy are from the same party. Didn't take long for "Avruch" to choose sides, did it.

Ignas2526 Дан 1,761, 09:53

I don't feel what it is Black Sheep's MU fault and what we should do something about it.
If TheSpaceCowboy did something bad, he did it against eUS, not to Black Sheep MU in particular, and we did not elect him into congress. We are not political party, we do not enforce particular political views in our MU.
Avruch, on the other had, is in the same Political Party as TheSpaceCowboy, so he is more responsible for what happened here than whole Black Sheep MU combined.

Ignas2526 Дан 1,761, 10:09

I don't understand, why there is so much heat around Black Sheep?
Go talk to that political party he is in, and the people who supported him and proposed for the congress, Black Sheep MU contributed zero towards TheSpaceCowboy being in the congress and doing what he did, you know.

Maegalodonus Дан 1,761, 10:54


Slyk Willy
Slyk Willy Дан 1,761, 12:01

As much as I am pissed about what Thespacecowboy has done, the blame is not on the Black sheep MU nor is it with the airforce MU. The responsibility is on the Party who nominated him for congress and also with the Government who has failed to this day to implement a standardized list of rules and policy's for the conduct of all eUSAF soldiers, officers and the eUSAF MU's they belong to.

Slyk Willy
Slyk Willy Дан 1,761, 12:02

The reason the standards and rules don't exist is because of MU,s like ST6 who follow their own orders when they don't agree with the current potus orders, and are not held accountable for there actions because they provide the bulk of the fire power the USA.

As long as we have double standards for govt MU's we will have internal conflicts.

Mr.Cypriot Дан 1,761, 14:09

You write Serbian PTOers and talk about EDEN?
Are you drunk?

thaddaus Дан 1,761, 14:12

no Thermaikos, but i think you never ever heard about the word : sarcasm !

eShades Дан 1,761, 18:41

The Cowboy in Space replies: http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/2121332

Daz840 Дан 1,762, 05:58

How did Blacksheep choose a side ? we wernt around when avruch party nominated and elected TSC

nice try avruch . but your party did it so dont go flaming the BS

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