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"The New World"
"erepublik shall be the embassy of mankind in a universe of war" by MADEINMAFIA
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NEW MEDAL: True Battle Hero

14 Day 2,606, 19:38 Published in Argentina Argentina Warfare analysis Warfare analysis


la noche de hoy me dió por pegar unos tiros y me encontre una CO muy buena en eUkraine..

Cuando así es uno tiene que aprobechar y darle bien pa sacar unos duros!

Luego … read more »

#JeSuisCharlie Libération

7 Day 2,606, 07:02 Published in Argentina Argentina Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

VOTE AND SUB if you like (L)&PEACE … read more »

renuncia de congressista

135 Day 2,595, 14:09 Published in Argentina Argentina Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Es con tristeza que me veo obligado a aceptar mi renuncia forzada del cargo de congressista.
Despues de mensages de carlitos,ahora recibi esta y aceptaré sus indicaciones.

La tristeza que se me … read more »

Update-> -> Medal changes

12 Day 2,576, 01:25 Published in Argentina Argentina Financial business Financial business

Our beloved plato present us with some Medal changes:

Starting Day 2,610 (12th of January), Freedom Fighter, Mercenary and True Patriot medals will award you 1,000 Currency (instead of the current value of 5 Gold).

-> 5gold in … read more »

25coment mission4+"New world" VS eALIEN

44 Day 2,566, 21:19 Published in Argentina Argentina Financial business Financial business

hi guys,
we all need help to complete this mission,
thanks in advance!

Dear Plato,
Take a look at this pic,this is what i want as christmas'gift.

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