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The Economist ~ Comparison of New Era and TUP policy

Day 1,827, 10:58 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Spite313

Dear friends,

Yesterday New Era released the result of their IRC conference, in the form of a set of policies on a number of areas. In most areas these policies differ from those of TUP, so in this article I just hope to lay our policies side-by-side and allow people to see how they compare. For the most part I’m just going to quote New Era policies directly from Goku’s article, and I’ll put any comments I have in [square brackets] so you know it’s my opinion. Obviously, for those of you who don’t know, I’m a member of The Unity Party. I’m describing our policy position based on long discussions and past conferences, since our own November Conference will remain open until just prior to the congress elections on the 25th.

I decided against fancy graphics for this article. No need to thank me for the free advertising New Era.

Justice System

New Era Policy

Any [UK Official Forum] ban, warning or other restriction on a UK citizen must be accompanied with proof and reasons so that we can all see for ourselves Justice being done and if it is fair and reasonable or not.

[Just as an aside, it is already the case that a reason must be given for a warning.. Usually the reason is something to do with a specific post, so the “evidence” is the post itself. The exceptions to this are forum multi-accounting, leaking from a private forum and breaking ingame rules]

A UK citizen should always be able to appeal and respond to any action taken against them, with all UK citizens taking part in deciding innocence or guilt. If a citizen is found guilty, there will always be a way back for them - a list of steps to set things right. Bans should never ever be permanent in a game which spans years.

Channels and Forums not taking part in this system will have to be abandoned by Party & Government and listed firmly as "private" and "unofficial".

TUP Policy

The Unity Party believes that a fair and impartial system of forum governance is essential for the UK. That means that the ultimate authority must be a non-partisan person who can judge based on no preconceptions. In this case those people are Kumnaa and Nelsaidi. Most of you won’t know who those people are, but they own the forums, and were players way back in beta. Neither of them play any more, and have no ties to any party.

In the past both moderators and admins have been removed by them if they felt they were too biased or at risk of being biased. For example, I used to be a forum admin in the UK but was removed by Kumnaa when I became PP of TUP and started spamming anti-UKRP stuff (long time ago). If you want to appeal a ban, appeal to either of them. Most of the time an unjustified ban will be removed.

TUP do not believe that lots of people asking for an unban is a good reason to do it- especially if the player has been banned for a permanent ban offence such as ban avoidance, racism, exploits or multi-accounting. The forums and the official eUK IRC channel #euk are moderated by a team chosen by Nelsaidi and Kumnaa. If anyone feels they have a genuine grievance, take it up with them. Only a tiny number of people are perma-banned, all for exploits. At the minute, it is only Sage Goku who is banned, for multi-accounts, leaking from UK Sensitive Issues and exploits.

Right to Return

New Era Policy

UK citizens who have left the UK should have an automatic right to return regardless of their reasons for leaving and what they did before and after they left.

Combined with a Justice system, even the most infamous former citizens will be able to arrage a set of steps to set things right and get a citizenship pass.

TUP Policy

All citizenship applications should be judged exactly the same. The only reasons citizens are not accepted is if they:
*Fought against the UK directly over a long period of time
*Fought against our allies to the detriment of the UK
*Are from an enemy country (PTO threat see: here
*Betrayed the UK in a dramatic fashion (stole, gave away plans or companies, left mid-war to fight against us)

In these cases we think it is clear that someone shouldn’t have an automatic right of return but must prove themselves. An apology would also be nice. Repeat offenders should be permanently refused citizenship - there’s no point giving someone access to your political system if they have a lifetime of screwing the UK over.

3) Freedom of Information

New Era Policy

Citizens should be informed of everything so that they can make their own informed choices.

Alliances need to be explained in detail as alliance groups change. Votes for Renewing MPPs will come with why we are allied, why they need our help or what they can offer us if we need help. Each Battle Order should have a summary of why the battle is important.

Our finances can be tracked transparently and in detail so that we can see our income and expenses.

[This sort of information is all freely available on request on the UK Official Forums]

TUP Policy

Government should always be directly accountable to the public, and the President and Government should answer any questions asked about such things as alliance alignment, MPPs and spending. They should also actively promote this information and involve congress and the public in discussion as much as possible.

MoD - Daily Strikes

New Era Policy

A UK IRC idle and random chat channel should host daily strikes, this would be #eUK on Rizon assuming cooperative moderators there. No political debate would be here to keep it friendly, new or party channels can be used for that.

All UK MUs and Citizens would try to hit at the same time in the evening in the most important battle up. There would be no additional Government supply, although rewards can be given out for things like most damage/biggest MU present depending on budget.

TUP Policy

TUP already implemented this policy, though we use #MoD since #eUK is a UK community channel and used by people of all nations as a first point of call. We do have daily strikes, though timing depends on the actual battles being fought. Having fixed times makes the army nothing more than a window-dressing organisation that hits for a visibly moving bar rather than usefully applying damage when it is needed. Battles are all at least 8 minis long, concentrating in just one means we would lose 8-1.

MoD - Training

New Era Policy

There needs to be a neutral government run training MU to help citizens to train up. It would have orders and supply set to help get Medals, not direct the highest damage possible. These could be new players in D1 or weak old players in D4.

To make this run the best, we always need a UK War where we take territory so that these citizens can work on Patriot and Resistance War medals.

TUP Policy

This radical policy was proposed and passed six months ago in the form of the NHS. The NHS ceased providing weapons when it became obvious that higher supplies of food would be a better function, and ceased performing as a MU under demand from congressmen.

However TUP would be happy to restart an NHS MU if there was popular demand.

MoFa - Resources

New Era Policy

The UK needs hope and dreams; we will have a long term aim to get +1 Weapons Resource from a region close to the UK.

We can work with allies to get this over many months. We must also focus on long term military training, recruitment and diplomacy so that we keep any gains.

TUP Policy

TUP is a party which prides itself on practicality. If the option to gain a weapon resource in Saltpetre or Rubber arises, we would take it. However:

*There are no resources of that type anywhere near the UK, making it impossible to get one, and nothing more than populism claiming we can.
*This excellent article explains how resource bonuses are over-valued anyway.

MoE - Recruitment

New Era Policy

The Ministry of Education should immediately switch its main purpose over to recruiting new players. The other Ministries can produce information and guides on their own expert subject areas.

We can recruit from other countries in eRepublik or from other websites on the internet.

TUP Policy

You don’t need to delete one Ministry to found another. The Ministry of Recruitment & Retention has existed in the past and there is no reason a Minister of Recruitment cannot exist.

Talon has stated that if anyone wants the position of Minister of Recruitment they are free to apply to him in person.

CP - Cabinet Structure

New Era Policy
Ministers should fit the in game titles:

* Governor is the Minister of Finance.
* Minister of Education is the Minister of Home Affairs or whatever it is called this month.
* Prime Minister is the Minister of Legislative Affairs and Justice.

TUP Policy

This is already the case.

So as you can see those are the main policy points. Confusingly many New Era policies are either already implemented, or are minor changes to existing policy which could probably be introduced without much fuss. Really the only two radical changes are:

Citizen application process - right of return

Forum policy - some sort of citizen poll on whether somebody should be punished

Personally I think these two bits of contention are more about moaning because Goku and a few other people have fallen foul of the rules and want to burn the whole system down in response. Goku himself admitted in his “confess-all” article that destroying the forums was his main goal. These policies mainly stem from his personal vendetta. I’m not going to repeat myself, but if you break the rules you get banned. I myself have been banned twice for breaking the rules, and most of the mod team has at some point as well. The difference is that I sat out my terms as a banned citizen and others multi-accounted to get round the bans and re-offended whilst under ban.

As the citizenship committee has now been introduced (selection is on the 26th) they have control over who is or isn’t allowed back in. On this basis the right of return would be decided on a case-by-case basis by the committee. Of course this isn't going to stop Goku letting random people in (nothing will) but I don't see the point in a democracy if you're just going to ignore any sort of group decision and do your own thing anyway.

I'd love to hear your thoughts (especially you Alphabethis)

knock yourselves out!




Jimbojoy Day 1,827, 10:59

We all love clover!

El Manolito
El Manolito Day 1,827, 10:59

Bohemond4 Day 1,827, 11:03

Clear, concise and highlights the...not so many differences between majority of policies

Kravenn Day 1,827, 11:03

good stuff 😃

Mitra33 Day 1,827, 11:04


Ayame Crocodile
Ayame Crocodile Day 1,827, 11:05

Could I ask why it is that a public discussion thread that wasn't off topic and was very much aimed at being constructive was shut down and if that sort of action troubles you at all?

Is open public discourse with the aim of creating a more publicly accountable system able to keep moderation levels in check something TUP would support?

Zaphod Beeblebrox IV
Zaphod Beeblebrox IV Day 1,827, 11:12


Topher Fair
Topher Fair Day 1,827, 11:16

These policies are the first draft and will be confirmed at the weekend. I also deliberatly did not include any explaination for space and simplicity reasons, articles will be coming out explaining each and every one of these. There are some misconceptions here because of this.

It is great that you have already implemented several of these policies, in paticular Daily Strikes which I lobbied the MoD heavily as part of my roles as a Congressman. Why not now elect the people with the new ideas?

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,827, 11:16

Thanks for the advertising, keep a look out for more of our policy's being released over the next few days!

Mr Woldy
Mr Woldy Day 1,827, 11:18

How do New Era construct their policies?

Jimbojoy Day 1,827, 11:20

Why Woldy, they use an IRC chan!

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Day 1,827, 11:21

Here are some brief points before my aricles:

Justice & Right to Return -> TUP's policy on Unity is a joke, from excluding players from IRC (Sir Nick) to harassing players on the forums until they bite back (me). We should be trying to heal the divisions in the UK and not producing flame articles.

Freedom of Information -> Improvements have been made but this is not yet satisfactory, especially from the MoFA.

Mr Woldy
Mr Woldy Day 1,827, 11:21

But, doesn't that mean that their party is represented by a minority of their members, ie - the small number who regularly visit their channel?

Ayame Crocodile
Ayame Crocodile Day 1,827, 11:22

Mr Woldy are you implying the majority of the 270+ members of TUP take part in deciding TUP's policies?

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Day 1,827, 11:23

Training -> I very much doubt that the NHS had it's orders set to UK Battles for Patriot Medals, did we even have UK Battles back then? Our training war strategy is not giving us enough.

Recruitment -> MoE can continue most of it's guides, though some can go to other ministries. This is more of an ADDITIONAL duty.

Resources -> We have hope for the future of the UK, one where we CAN be a world power. It could take years but the bricks must be laid now. Why has TUP given up?

Mr Woldy
Mr Woldy Day 1,827, 11:23

I'm saying we're damned more democratic than these wannabe's~~~

Mr Woldy
Mr Woldy Day 1,827, 11:24

I'd like to add Acroc that all of our members are contacted ingame twice monthly for ideas to contribute to our conferences, incase you were wondering quite what I based my tongue-in-cheek comment on.

Mr Woldy
Mr Woldy Day 1,827, 11:25

Unlike the triumvirate that appears to run NE, or rather the Goku that appears to run NE idk. TUP tends to actively seek their members opinions rather then playing a passive role in hoping they get in touch, you get me bro

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Day 1,827, 11:26

Woldy: Read this for how we make policy

These policies where made on IRC on Sunday and will be discussed in game with New Era members via articles, comments and PMs to get EVERYONE's opinions before confirming them.

I'm mass PMing to get everyone included.

Mr Woldy
Mr Woldy Day 1,827, 11:26

I'm not even involved in party politics anymore I just feel sorry for the people who put in the effort to make things 'democratic' and go completely overlooked, for srs

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,827, 11:30

Make your mind up Woldy

I'm saying we're damned more democratic than these wannabe's

I'm not even involved in party politics anymore

But your commenting on politics right now ?

Mr Woldy
Mr Woldy Day 1,827, 11:35

no I'm commenting on hypocrisy

Jimbojoy Day 1,827, 11:35


Mr Woldy
Mr Woldy Day 1,827, 11:36


Jimbojoy Day 1,827, 11:36

Also lack of quotation marks hurts my eyes. Ouch.

Ayame Crocodile
Ayame Crocodile Day 1,827, 11:37

Ah fair enough Woldy, Seemed a little ambitious to state a majority of TUP being involved, Hell I'd be incredibly impressed if it was! But there's little more you can do than ask for input.

I'm still interested in hearing Iain's replies to my original comment, Or if possible the official TUP stance on those issues.

Mr Woldy
Mr Woldy Day 1,827, 11:39

Yeh we'll stop teasing now and let people get on with h8'ing each other

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Day 1,827, 11:42

I am astounded that a person calling himself "King of the UK" is complaining about democracy!

I don't see what TUP have implemented which is better than New Era.

Bohemond4 Day 1,827, 11:49

Ayame, I am actually in agreement over that particular incident...I never said that they didn't make mistakes though, I will agree that the mods make mistakes, however, in general, I take that they have a good record overall.

Ayame Crocodile
Ayame Crocodile Day 1,827, 11:59

I agree with you generally Bohemond, But sadly without any public thread and justification for each banning/lock (for instance the thread I'm referring to was locked without any explanation) it's impossible to really know how well the mod team do at being balanced rather than heavy handed.

Any attempt to discuss introducing such measures seems to be closed without warning. In my eyes that doesn't reflect well on the mod team despite how well they actually do in most cases.

FragUK Day 1,827, 12:06

TUP Policy

TUP already implemented this policy, though we use #MoD since #eUK is a UK community channel and used by people of all nations as a first point of call. We do have daily strikes,.

daily strikes? what time is to days strike?

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,827, 12:13

They don't do daily strikes , it just lies

TUP already implemented this policy, though we use #MoD since #eUK is a UK community channel and used by people of all nations as a first point of call. We do have daily strikes,.

Can you back that statement up please Iain Keers ?

I been here 5 months and know that is bull ! but I guess now we said it , there do it !

Boer Charel
Boer Charel Day 1,827, 12:16

Daily strikes is being worked on, Goku shared this idea but I'm currently busy looking for some manpower to help me do it.

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,827, 12:17

Daily means once a day Iain in case you got confused, it doesn't mean once or twice a week !

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,827, 12:19

so it's not happening then right now then, thanks for clearing that up Boer Charel .

Mr Woldy
Mr Woldy Day 1,827, 12:21

King of the UK by popular mandate***

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Day 1,827, 12:27

I love how Iain Keers is critising me for promoting a policy because the Government is trying to implement my policy because I personally lobbied them to do it.

Should I pretend it was never my idea or stop promoting it even though it isn't implemented yet?

painkiller789 Day 1,827, 12:35

King of the UK by popular mandate***+1

This is true, because a while back there was a debate over getting rid of the king and in the end people voted towards keeping the king.
Also the king serves no purpose and is just a figure head to make the game more fun, without effecting the country in any political way.

GregoryG Day 1,827, 12:36


Sir Humphrey Appleby
Sir Humphrey Appleby Day 1,827, 12:38

It was your idea to have strikes?

I think you'll find we've been having those on and off depending on finances for quite a few years now...

Bohemond4 Day 1,827, 12:38

Goku, thing is, your lobbying to change to these strikes you claim, while Boer is already implementing them. Key difference between saying 'I did this' than 'I want this'.

TUP is open to good ideas from all quarters

GregoryG Day 1,827, 12:41

Also when you speak to His Majesty King Woldy: It's 'Your Majesty' the first time. After that, it's Sir.

BigAnt Day 1,827, 12:46

TUP should not be highlighting NE polices but working on its own party.

No wonder you are being caught.

Spite313 Day 1,827, 12:48

We had strikes three times a day when I was CP, it just depends on need and financing. It's certainly not a new or radical idea. It is something we're implementing now though.

Dapper you might hear about things if you actually took part in things rather than throwing rocks from the sidelines. Armchair generals central.

Spite313 Day 1,827, 12:49

BigAnt I was merely providing a comparison of our policies.

It's sometimes hard to differentiate between TUP policies and government policies, since they are at present one and the same.

BigAnt Day 1,827, 12:51

fair play

Spite313 Day 1,827, 12:53

Ps. being "caught" or not isn't really our priority. Our priority is providing good government, safety for the UK, diplomacy abroad and opportunity for people who want to step up and improve things like, presumably, yourself.

If New Era were really serious about change they'd propose solid policy, and like I said in many cases we are happy to work towards those changes. The problem is manpower. When many people refuse to do any work (just complaining, not doing anything) we struggle.

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,827, 12:58

Confusingly many New Era policies are either already implemented, or are minor changes to existing policy which could probably be introduced without much fuss

Good, no more compliments from Dan Moir about us being facists unless he is admitting TUP are as well?

Also any chance of answering Ayame please Iain? You seem to have completely avoided the question by accident

WayneKerr Day 1,827, 12:58

UKPP feel left out...

Go compare...

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,827, 13:00

Alos can we stop this snobbery about armchair generals...its armchair generals that fight and pay taxes that allow ''non fighters'' to play politics. last thing I remembered it was in game damage that wins battles ; )

An armchair general laying regular damage and funding a MU of top fighters is just as important as an IRC only 'clicker'

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