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Day 1871 + something in Croatian....

Day 1,871, 07:21 Published in Croatia Croatia by Suster Toni

I haven't written these days too much, because of the New Year celebration ( we all know what we do at that celebration 😃 ), but I need to continue my work. This article will be published in English at first, latter I will add Croatian translations. I will start from the most interesting battles ( between 31.12.2012 - 3.1.2013 ):

1.TWO and CoT offensive to Asia

Makkah battle ended with Greece's victory. Meanwhile, Bulgaria proposed new NE law to Egypt.

I guess they were trying not to lose border with Greece, and have back up in case of losing few battles in Arabia.

NE law didn't pass, but there is one more shot: this time that is Greece...

Serbia joined the war, and won two battles without any resistance. Now we shall see what is Iran's next move. They already had deal once with Serbs, and that resulted with a big problem inside EDEN, but now they have chance to show who they are loyal to.

Turkey attacked Tabuk, while RW in Al Madinah was supported by Greeks. That was total failure – Bulgaria won both battles, and now took the initiative. Greece is at big danger to lose Asian regions, but if they take more bonuses, situation is going to change – they always need little percantage to win battle against Bulgaria.

TWO knows that Turkey can be conquered through MPPs, but in RWs that is not possible, so Hungary is attacking Black Sea Coast of Turkey.

Even the Macedonia (after failing to NE Egypt) is voting to share the meal with Bulgaria,Serbia and Hungary.

I wouldn't be suprised to see Taurida RW which will be won by „Ukraine“. Then, we will see Poland too.

Looks like, Turkey and Greece have no chances against those powerful opponents and their strategies. But they could get some help soon.


2.Croatia and India relationships

As you can see I proposed India as Natural Enemy. I will explain the situation from my point of view ( That is CPs point of view, half of text is mine, half is his – gramatic mistakes are mine 😃 ). Indonesia threatened to delete us completely and leave us without congress long period of time. Almost everyone in Croatia panicked, and we had no way out. I came to solution; why shoudn't we ask India to NE us, so we can escape little north, and continue our fighting against Indonesia. India government told us that they don't care, that we are not welcome here, and that was better there without us. I said to Croatian government that we should NE them instantly but they said no, because they are part of GEA – okey that was my mistake. But later, we found out that India is negotiating with CoT – that was betrayal. We asked again to NE us, so we could have our bonuses back – again they said NO. I had no other option – I had to propose NE law.

There was one incident in negotiations between Croats and Indians – one guy from our government named channel „#jebeškrave“ - thinking about bonus – cows, but he totaly forgot the fact that in hinduism cow is the holy animal – God. I send apologies to India in the name of Croatian government. We should have thought about it, and we had no intent to insult anyone.

Well, looks like India will be deleted, and then we will concentrate to help our allies. India is just a toy now, everyone plays with it, unitil it becomes boring to CoT and TWO - Thailand is better allie to them......

I can't find anything to write about it, it is too peaceful these days.

Kao što je napisano na engleskom jeziku, nemam puno za reći o pozadini pregovora s Indijom i Tajlandom, većina je toga izašla u predsjednikovu članku. Bio sam upoznat s navedenim kanalom, i moram priznati da su mi odmah krave pale napamet kao resurs, ne kao svetinja u Indiji. Predložio sam MoFa timu zajedno s Frojlom da nas NEaju kako bi se prvotno spasili od Indonezije, ali to je odbijeno zbog neutralnosti i opasnosti od indonezijske gumice. Drugi put žele da im još platimo ovo malo bonusa što imamo, a ne žele staviti NE na nas kako bi povezali bonuse. Žao mi je Indijaca koji su govorili vladi da su njabovi ( a bogami se pojavio i jedan bot, kojeg ne doživljavam pretjerano – vidio sam dokaze da je bot jednog srpskog igrača) ali ostavit ćemo im možda jednu regiju, napominjem možda, jer je moguć potpun pokušaj PTO-a.

Rat s Tajlandom nam ne bio odgovarao jer bi eventualno mogli biti izbrisani ( i to je mogućnost) , ali mogli bi i doći do Južnog Tajlanda – dobivamo Indose opet za susjeda – i onda sve ispočetka.

Ušuškat ćemo se neko vrijeme u Indiji, živjeti tamo kao paraziti, uštedjeti 200 golda mjesečno – puno više novca za HV, a imat ćemo bolje šanse za pokoji RW u core regijama i pomoć saveznicima. Indijski RW-ovi će biti malčice teži, ali tek ako dođu ujedinjeni Bugari,Poljaci i ostali u pomoć – ipak mislim da im je s ovim cijenama preskupo putovati do Indije i natrag.

Moramo se boriti u Turskoj i Grčkoj, jer ako dođu do Pakistana sav TWO i COT savez, a s desne strane Španjolska,SAD i Brazil, a odozgo prema nekim glasinama i Rusija – Kina se neće moći obraniti od svih njih. Ostat ćemo posljednja EDEN kula. Razmišljaj pametno...



Elnoor Asteros Day 1,871, 07:26

Comment deleted

PeroST Day 1,871, 07:50


I am not dSoKre
I am not dSoKre Day 1,871, 07:52

Ma koja kula. Nitko se u ovoj igri do sada nije obranio kada ga napadaju tri jaka neprijatelja i tu treba ponosno popiti metak u čelo i čekati priliku za oporavak. Mnogi su bili brisani i u bezizglednoj situaciji, neki i dulje vrijeme (Španjolska), Rumunjska pa su uvijek ispregovarali neke kombinacije ili su uspjeli dići neki RW i dobiti ga pa ne vidim razlog da tako ne bude i u slučaju eHrvatske, eKine, eTurske ili bilo koje države.

OVALNI REBORN Day 1,871, 07:54

evo ga, od jabuka xD

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,871, 08:08

I'm sorry Suster, I have a lot of time for you normally and you're a good guy but sadly, not today. How can Indonesia wipe you when they can't NE you? They have no border with you because of Thailand. There was no reason for you to 'head north'. I think you guys are being too smart for your own good.

You have deliberately forced India into CoT. Now they have MPP's with Bulgaria and are currently on course for an MPP with Poland. In fact the MoFA has been contacting lots of countries trying get MPP's with them. It's well possible that the Indian MPP stack will be pretty impressive before you wipe India off the map.

Not so smart now (in my opinion)

NB I am not defending eIndia foreign policy, it's been a bloody diaster

Suster Toni
Suster Toni Day 1,871, 08:12

D&T the situation was that Indonesia had Maharashtra,and they attacked capital,Thailand wasn't between us. I know my English sucks, but I hope that you understand was before then you thought:)

Velibor Dolas
Velibor Dolas Day 1,871, 08:21

I lol'd after reading your article...especially when you said the cow thing was an accident...if Croatia didn't mean in any way to insult India then why did you threaten to whipe them off the face of the earth and in the best scenario leave them on 1 region so they can have congress...I've read the convo you can't bs me.

Suster Toni
Suster Toni Day 1,871, 08:25

Velibore,vidjeli smo što je Srbija uradila Crnoj Gori zbog jednog avatara tako da nemate pravo glasa......

tihomir bancov
tihomir bancov Day 1,871, 09:01

po ovom članku bih rekao kako vama sve ide od ruke.... LOL...
a onaj što ti je rekao da je ime kanala slučajnost mora da je neki genijalac čim si mu ti poverovao...

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,871, 09:05

Suster, Indonesia were wiped from India on the 31st December.

They last had Maharastra on the 28th of December.

It was clear that at the time you proposed your NE three days ago the danger was over.

So no, I don't accept this version of the truth as you see it

Suster Toni
Suster Toni Day 1,871, 09:26

That is clear,danger was over,but we couldn't just get over fact that your government said that it is better without us, they had negotiations with CoT,and we asked for help,to NE us,during Indonesain attacks they said NO...this is punishment for your government,and other traitors in India. We even asked to NE us so we can get bonuses back, and again answer wasn't positive. I had no other choice, as vMoD i had to NE you.

tihomir bancov
tihomir bancov Day 1,871, 09:55

hahahahah čitam i ne verujem.... suster jesi li ti punoletan?

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,871, 10:00

Suster: all your reasoning for the NE was that you wanted to head north from any danger imposed by Indonesia. Now you admit that there was no clear danger at all. This just makes it look like a childish action. Yes, some sections of India were pro-CoT, but signing alliances with Canada, Ireland and China in particular showed that there was no intention to move soon.

You know the rules of CoT. The CP has to announce a referendum openly by either the citizens or congress. the vote required is 66%+1 and then it needs approval by CoT members. Was any of this declared? No. So in short, there was no chance of India joining CoT this CP term.

I've had negotiations with CoT, so have a lot of other countries. India has a right to have discussions. Wiping them because you can't dictate on your terms is very poor policy. When the Polish MPP goes though what will you think of your foreign affair skills then?

Not impressed. You've ruined a lot of hard work from eIndians that wanted to remain close to that alliance.

Suster Toni
Suster Toni Day 1,871, 10:11

and here we go again,nah just read once again what I have written, maybe I am childish, but I don't have time to paint the map by days to show what happened at exact moment

4 zena
4 zena Day 1,871, 10:14

tajland ce odraditi posao

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,871, 10:16

Current MPP stack:

Poland (pending)
Moldova (pending)
Peru (pending lol)
Spain (pending but not lol)

You have 8 regions to conquer before you wipe India. How many more MPP's will they get. Looks like they are trying to get MPP's with everyone....

Suster Toni
Suster Toni Day 1,871, 10:20

it will be harder to conquer but they are more concentrated on Greece and Turkey now, i doubt that they will help India:/

WhiteEagle1950 Day 1,871, 11:11

tihomire daj nemoj bre opet si se vratio u rvacku svetinju, nazad u rupicu netrebas nam ; )

Dagislav Day 1,871, 18:42

Ima tihomira, ima vote!

Wildrunner Day 1,872, 01:03

Death and Taxes, real reason is written in the article but in Croatian:

"Ušuškat ćemo se neko vrijeme u Indiji, živjeti tamo kao paraziti, uštedjeti 200 golda mjesečno – puno više novca za HV, a imat ćemo bolje šanse za pokoji RW u core regijama i pomoć saveznicima. "

We will spend some time in India as parasites, will save 200 g per month, lots of money for Croatia and we will have a better chance for RW in core regions and help for allies.

So India was practically backstabbed and forced out of EDEN with all kind of threats and insults because Croatia didn't want to pay rent for bonuses.

Wildrunner Day 1,872, 01:10

Anyways you're idiots, plain and simple. You betrayed an ally for 200g...

and talking about money India has 3m of currency that now all will be used against you. count how much gold that is, moron.

for your reputation tho there is no price to repair it

Suster Toni
Suster Toni Day 1,872, 01:16

zijev,zijev Wildrunner xD

Xherrz. Day 1,872, 01:21

Ko o čemu bugar o poštenju

Pinanclee Day 1,872, 02:36

Allay u trenutku kad te brisu sa mape umjesto pomoci ti nudi fiskalni racun da platis obveze, u tom istom trenutku ne razlikuje se nista od srba/poljaka.

Politika i trgovina je totalno druga prica od vjere i nemaju zajedno sta da se krizaju, a oni koji zele da naprave pomutnju koriste takve "alate" da napale naivne ljude koji ni ne zasluzuju bolje jer se daju jeftino izmanipulirati.

Ocito po novome Cp-ovi i kompletan tim bi trebali biti ljudi koji su se bavili necim u zivotu i shvatili sta je poanta "biznisa" i managmenta i kako reagirat u nekim situacijama, a ne samo da su cijeli zivot stiskali pristice sa lica.

ultimatewinner Day 1,872, 09:35

You are eCroatia minister then no surprise that eIndia was betrayed by eCroatia. So, eIndia should listen to dictates of eCroatia otherwise you will wipe eIndia. What a traits of an ally?

Suster Toni
Suster Toni Day 1,872, 09:43

I am just part of MoD team not minister.........and I have seen logs, and because of your arrogance, now I don't regret at all about NE law. But i am sorry about true RL Indians which supported us all the time, not like muppets in your goverment.....

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