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Losing my mind [Running for Congress]

20 Dan 3,016, 19:13 Published in USA USA Politične debate in analize Politične debate in analize

Today, I'd like to announce my candidacy for Congress with We The People in the state of... Wait, we don't have state votes anymore? Man, that's disappointing, I always wanted to be the congressman from South Carolina...

Anyway, I'm … preberi več »

Fun, and a rebirth: Thoughts on why we play

16 Dan 1,995, 17:00 Published in USA USA Družbeni stiki in zabava Družbeni stiki in zabava

Have some reading music, as is customary.

Hello people all around the eUS and elsewhere, my name is RaccoonGoon, as you can see, and I'm back.

Back from where you might ask?

Well, I'm … preberi več »

Block: Just Do It

6 Dan 1,062, 17:32 Published in USA USA

First, for those of you who don't know me, I'm RaccoonGoon, the Secretary of Elections for the United Independents party.

However, introductions will have to wait for another time, for today, I bring you all a very important message:
Be a

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