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I'm watching you :P


33 Dan 2,691, 13:23 Published in Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Ukazi bitke Ukazi bitke


I want to thank all of my friends
........... the friends of Switzerland and the friends of freedom.

This was an

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Attention Catholics

19 Dan 2,688, 03:35 Published in Canada Canada Družbeni stiki in zabava Družbeni stiki in zabava


A young monk arrives at the monastery. He is assigned
to helping the other monks in copying the old canons
and laws of the church, by hand.


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23 Dan 2,687, 14:24 Published in Canada Canada Vojaške analize Vojaške analize

It is very easy to not do the right thing.
It is very easy to look away.
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2 Dan 2,682, 01:33 Published in Switzerland Switzerland Vojaške analize Vojaške analize


Thank you donors for your generous contributions. 07

Thank you IDA members for taking up the initiative of translating articles, republishing them and spreading the word.

Thank you everyone for your

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2 Dan 2,678, 19:33 Published in Switzerland Switzerland Družbeni stiki in zabava Družbeni stiki in zabava

We need your help and any support that you can give. We will use it to protect communities that are getting destroyed by foreign dictators.

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