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How To Be Awesome!

Dan 1,817, 20:22 Published in USA Pakistan s strani av khan
Beware: The content of this article can make you awesome.

When I came in USA my main purpose was to join an MU. While looking at Air Force, one of my two former MUs, I noticed that there was a change in leadership. So I went around looking for clues and reached Roper 70's newspaper to find this article which then led me to Black Sheep MU.
Later on, I went to the IRC channel of Black Sheep (#blacksheep on Rizon) and met Henry William French and within minutes I had joined the MU and was all set to go.

In less than 20 days I feel like I have already settled down. One reason of that could be that there are quite a few people in there with whom I have served in Airforce where it was Roper who actually helped me get settled but its not only that. Its the activity, the fun of fighting along with such great people.

So join us. Fight with us. Fight to protect the United Farms of America with the best sheep in the world! Baa!

But you don't become awesome just by joining Black Sheep.

To reach the height of awesomeness. You must join We The People. And become We The Sheep!

How I ended up in WTP even I don't know but once I joined the party everything opened up all by itself. I found that just by following a few simple steps I can have a voice. My voice, in a broader spectrum, can change how things go in whole country. Whether it be party president elections or country president. And the thing which I have loved the most, the thing which you won't find in any other Top5 parties. The unity in diversity. WTP has people with a large variety of different opinions when comes to politics but what unifies us is our struggle for democracy and to make sure our voice heard.

So simply join the party. Fill this form, get your access to forums here and you are all set to become awesome!

Join us to make your voice heard. To change!

For the people
By the people



Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Dan 1,817, 20:35

Sheep are cool.

Blacksheep Counselor
Blacksheep Counselor Dan 1,817, 21:25


Candor Dan 1,817, 21:58

For the people
By the people

bigcdizzle Dan 1,817, 22:57

I like a lot of people from both of those places....

Voted. I hope to see more of this stuff coming from Black Sheep.

GladiatoriKS Dan 1,818, 23:52

I got set-up, locked up, and ready to rock & rawr in less than 3 days here at Air Force. But, thanks for the offer 😉

Goxi HN
Goxi HN Dan 1,818, 05:33

black sheeps were among first serbian palamiritary units, and they were awosome. i expect nothing less from you 🙂

Henry William French
Henry William French Dan 1,818, 08:45

Baaaaaaaaa! o7

Hale26 Dan 1,818, 09:47

For the People
By the People
Baaaaaaaa! o7
Nice article av Khan 😁

Roper 70
Roper 70 Dan 1,818, 09:49

Baaaaa o7

Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck Dan 1,818, 09:56

For the people
By the people

weasel2 Dan 1,818, 11:04


For the People
By the People

Hail Brillo

Jeff Dude Lebowski
Jeff Dude Lebowski Dan 1,818, 15:03

For the Sheep
By the Sheep
We Black Sheep

Do you also wanna be with the cool guys? Join us!

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Dan 1,818, 16:16

av khan rocks


Waruda Dan 1,819, 02:14


HannyaTR Dan 1,819, 10:45

we are cool and high too. 😮

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