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[ZS] Recent events regarding treachery of swine

Dan 1,847, 14:47 Published in Pakistan Srbija s strani Dio Maximus

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Somewhere in Iran, soon to be Pakistan "We need food to feed our swine,” claimed pig disgusting capitalist, creature of grotesque weight and appearance slotted his chins over it's shoulder, “Free food is free food."

“There is always food that is ripe for taking.” Another fat creature dropped the last fraction of his disgusting worm food to a street dog, and licked the last stains of worm juice from his fat, fat fingers. With a grimace of disgust, Pakistan's minister of foreign affairs, righteous and honorable Sparkfyre placed a wine glass down on a coffee table and never looked back to it again. "Treachery is the hog way, it was our mistake to believe that you will change, however to forgive your enemies, that is truly divine. But we, we have to make you suffer first."

Pig capitalists plotting their new treachery

QUETTA, Pakistan There are some events in history that are naturally viewed as accompanied by a full orchestra playing a grandiose Beethoven symphony; some events are just seen that way, as a grand accomplishment of previous planning. It is odd to see the events actually happen, in the course of one's everyday life, it is quite a monumental moment. Not many Pakistani's saw this moment; treason of Pakistan's neighbours came like a thrown knife in the night and it came fast.

The runway on the Quetta military airport "Agent Chieftain" was full of soldiers, soldiers in full combat outfit but with glinting with ranks and medals. The unit was the Pakistan's Army, First Regiment's combat complement, and they were the spearhead of almost every Pakistani army in the last 2 years, veterans, the best of the best in the Holy Empire's Armed Forces. Pride of the Holy Empire, the battle hardened fist of the God Emperor. Their uniforms were the same as any other Pakistan's soldiers a camouflaged army suit complete with long coat, combat boots, and green berret that is the historical signature of the Pakistan's armies. The medals the soldiers wore were well-polished and shining. Above the ranks, the war banner of the God Emperor waved on the wind. Green field with a white crescent moon and five-rayed star at its centre, and a vertical white stripe at the hoist side. Stitched in gold upon the banner were the words ''PRIDE POWER PAKISTAN'' Along the ranks of the troops paced Minister of Defense Alexander_Auctoritas, in his green-and-white uniform, followed by cameramen of the ZA WARUDO, Pakistan's official news agency.

He smiled to the assembled troops. ''Gentlemen!''

''Good morning, esteemed MoD!'' - the unit barked.

Alexander looked at the troops, and spoke, his voice calm and yet loud, carrying over the runway without a need for a microphone.

''Gents! Today, as you deploy as part TASKFORCE SWINE FLU, I would like to make a small demonstration for our allies worldwide - and for our pig disgusting enemies, too. They wonder - why are we so sure we do not need to fear foreign invasion, why do we speak out so loudly against the pig capitalist hegemony and why we always stood up against the hog hordes. "Soldier!'' - Alexander shouted, looking at one of the men before him - ''What is your name?''

''Shin Gouki! Supreme Marshal* Shin Gouki, Sir!''

''Call me Alexander. Can you please tell our beloved viewers and countrymen what are those two medals you are wearing?''

''This is the one for participating in Operation PIG MAC™. It's an operation where our unit held off a horde of 20,000 swine bandints, and I personally killed fifteen hogs , Sir. That's how I got the first medal - that's a Stardust Crusader medal, Sir... I mean, Alexander.''

Pakistan's infinite army

''Good, Shin Gouki.'' - Alexander grinned. - ''And you, soldier? What's your name?''

''Dio Killing Time... Sir...''

''Don't 'Sir' me, I'm too old for that crap.''


''Tell me about your medals.''

''That one is ''Medal of Honor.''You gave it to me yourself'' we successfully assaulted the pig force at Balochistan. I torched three of the pig disgusting IFV's.''

''Are you an assault grenadier?''

''No, I torched one of them with a bunch of grenades under its track and two with an RPG I got from a dead pig shock trooper.''

''A dead pig?''

''Killed him myself, Sir.. I mean...''

''Thanks, Dio Killing Time. You're a great soldier. And who are you, God of War?''

''I'm PiginZen. Want to hear about my medals?'' - the man's wide chest carried at least six various badges and medals.''

''Excellent!'' - Aelxander hugged the veteran, turning towards the camera.

He began to speak praises for his soldiers. Later, in the video the ZA WARUDO crew released on Youtube and sent copies of to all allied governments, his voice was overlaid with camera footage of parades of various Pakistani units of all branches – troops of the PA, the Lashker, the SSG, marching on parades, standing in calm lines on parade grounds across Pakistan and at ready positions behind the control pads of their vehicles.



bozli Dan 1,847, 14:52


Cookies Crisps
Cookies Crisps Dan 1,847, 14:58

Many manly tears were shed this night...

PigInZen Dan 1,847, 15:08

voted for oldfags

Mire tica Feniks
Mire tica Feniks Dan 1,847, 15:28


Archfeldspar Dan 1,847, 16:41

Waziristan is king.

Waruda Dan 1,847, 18:28

This put a smile on my face

kirintaimu Dan 1,847, 20:24

It is kind of you to inflate my e-peen by associating me with greatness, though I am but a man.

RL Pakistanii
RL Pakistanii Dan 1,847, 20:28


Sparkfyre Dan 1,848, 00:05


Muz1 Dan 1,848, 02:03

Gonna assemble the Media Warfare group of ePakistan!

raao Dan 1,848, 04:25

I love the start ...


Dio Czenishkov
Dio Czenishkov Dan 1,848, 10:38

I missed this paper before I even knew it existed

Radenko Montana
Radenko Montana Dan 1,848, 10:57

Šta ćeš ti u Pakistanu, gnjido uesovska?

IntrovertArim Dan 1,848, 11:51

Loved it man. Voted hard.

Policy Dan 1,848, 13:20

I love the start ...



Aamir1khan Dan 1,848, 13:35


kami4u11 Dan 1,848, 13:44

Waziristan is the back bone of Pakistan and the World is scared of us

Arfan-Khan Dan 1,848, 16:53

Hahaha, nice article, soon to be Pakistan 🙂

Faris Khawaja
Faris Khawaja Dan 1,849, 02:04

voted nice article

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