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[eIran MoFA] Official Agreement of eTurkey-eIran

Day 1,847, 08:38 Published in Iran Serbia by Ministry of Foreign Affairs IR

Dear Friends and Citizens from around the world

history is full of friendship and enmity and the past is filled with wars; and “truth is the first casualty of war!” all you need to change the world is one good idea, not a river of blood!

let’s put them behind and start a new era!

we hope this agreement will get us a step closer to unity and help to recover things we have lost!

the agreement is under run between eIran and eTurkey governments.

here comes the terms:

1. A single article of relief should issue and both CP must sign it

2. Both country should sign a NAP contract and eTurkey should Send a Mutual Protection Pact (MPP) to eIran in 2 month

3. No Resistance War (RW) should be supported against one country by another, unless for mutual and strategic goals which are previously agreed upon; thus if any RW was started in any of 3 regions mentioned above and succeded, eIran agrees to NE eTurkey and loses the first battle in order to ease re-capturing of liberated region in 2nd day by eTurkey and also eTurkey promises to do a ping pong policy upon attacks that should be done every day till the 7th day of NE clearance, in order to prevent any further regional loss of eIran.

4. All provinces of eIran should be returned unconditionally except from Northwestern Iran, Southwestern Iran and Hormozgan

5. Amount of 100 gold required as the rent for each province of eIran - monthly, plus the rent for two previous months.

6. In case of eTurkey’s occupation (mostly Eastern anatolia) , Northwestern Iran should be returned to eIran immediately and unconditionally, after eTurkey reclaim its Freedom , eIran agrees to NE eTurkey and loses the first battle in order to ease re-capturing of liberated region in 2nd day by eTurkey and also eTurkey promises to do a ping pong policy upon attacks that should be done every day till the 7th day of NE clearance, in order to prevent any further regional loss of eIran.

7. eTurkey and EDEN should help eIran to claim and protect Baloochistan if eIran need it

8. eTurkey must accept and recognize eIran's right over all UAE regions (Turkey can continue using Umm al Quwain bonus)

8. Country which violated this agreement should pay a fine of 1000 gold

9. This agreement can be extended for periods of one months and corrected/improved with agreement of both countries.thus both countries agree to hold sessions exactly 48 hours before the expiration day every month (w/o excuse) to re confirm and re sign the terms (financial issues mostly); it means that only bilateral agreement ends the treaty, and MPP signature; this monthly signature is mostly for popular aspect and strenghtening mutual relations.

10. All terms and conditions mentioned above are and will be under EDEN HQ supervision (rent, probable NE,etc..) and eIran has the right to make MPP with EDEN countries after this Agreement.

Signed by Lord Vaako
eTurkey’s CP

Signed by Albus
eIran’s CP

Signed by Tjutg Simzb
eTurkey MoFA

Signed by John Locked
eIran’s MoFA

Signed by dSoKre
eCroatia's CP

Hail 'EDEN'

Hail BrotherHood

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of eIRAN

For Shout:
Official Agreement of eIran-eTurkey



HAMlDREZA Day 1,847, 08:58

first? : D

O.M.I.D.TM Day 1,847, 08:58


galenaandrea Day 1,847, 09:01


LegendFromCroatia Day 1,847, 09:04


Hossein M
Hossein M Day 1,847, 09:06

it will bring a better future for both eIran and eTurkey

Behrooz82 Day 1,847, 09:07

not good

alisdghpr Day 1,847, 09:11


farimah Day 1,847, 09:15

big vote
من موافقم خیلی عالی بود

AnilCal Day 1,847, 09:18

coming soon....

ABTN Day 1,847, 09:22


AmirA2 Day 1,847, 09:36

vali on se ta mantaghe yekam zaiast:D

Ardeshir.Se7en Day 1,847, 09:39

Why dont we reclaim those 3 regions?

farimah Day 1,847, 09:41

من متوجه نشدم
قراره بین ایران و ترکیه مسابقات پینگ پنگ برگزار بشه؟
برای چی؟

Public.Enemy Day 1,847, 09:42

Khob bod
Hail Iran

Esfandiyar Day 1,847, 09:43

A fair deal, Let's see whether this time Turks will keep their woords.

fagyan Day 1,847, 09:44

پیمان چای این بود ؟
جدا ؟
هر سه تا منطقه رو دادی رفت ، بوناس های امارات و بقیه کشور هارو هم دادی رفت
در جریانی که ؟
قهوه ای هم به ایران میاد

Devil.s.Dance Day 1,847, 09:45


Public.Enemy Day 1,847, 09:45

Esfandiyar @
Yes,is that true

farimah Day 1,847, 09:45

کدوم مناطق رو دادیم رفت؟
ترجمه نداره این مقاله؟

Cmurgh Day 1,847, 09:54


Public.Enemy Day 1,847, 09:56

Farimah @
Northwestern Iran, Southwestern Iran and Hormozgan
yani bounose Emarat paaaaaar

Lord Vaako
Lord Vaako Day 1,847, 09:57


Persian Axiom
Persian Axiom Day 1,847, 09:58


Great Heisenberg
Great Heisenberg Day 1,847, 09:59

تا الان مگه همه دعواها سره هرمزگان نبوده؟

bita.s Day 1,847, 09:59

v & s

Albus Day 1,847, 09:59


Mohammad Eajazi
Mohammad Eajazi Day 1,847, 10:00

اینا رو دادیم رفت!؟
یعنی خلاص!؟

Tio Lucho
Tio Lucho Day 1,847, 10:00


mehrrdad Day 1,847, 10:03

بگذریم از این که قرار داد ترکمن چای میبندید
تو مقاله هی عکس فروهر میزاری بغل پرچم ایران بعد پایین پرچم جمهوری اسلامی میزاری؟ :دی

AttilaBleda Day 1,847, 10:03

antlaşma çok ağır, tek kalemde 900 gold, sonraki her ay için de 300'er gold ödenecek. Ayrıca İran'a EDEN mpp'leri için yol verilecek.


Arashk 72
Arashk 72 Day 1,847, 10:04

مگه این همرمزگان چی داره که این ترکا دنبالشن؟؟؟؟
الان تو بدترین وضعیت ادن هستیم بعد این شده وای به حال ما اگه دو ماه دیگه ترکیه باز همرو پس بگیره

Gaius.Julius.Caesar Day 1,847, 10:05

Nice < 3


lovelymoho Day 1,847, 10:06

تا زمانیکه ضعیفیم و نفر کم داریم چاره دیگه ای نداریم برای رسیدن به واقعیت کشورمون به دمیجهایی که ترکیه و متحداش جلوی لهستان زدند باید نگاه کرد فعلا باید باهمین ساخت

AMlR121 Day 1,847, 10:06

بابا چرا فارسی نمیزاری . ریدین به اعصابمون . حداقل بدونیم چی به چیه . میرینین به همه چی آخرم نباد بفهمیم کجا چی شده

MehmetGazi Day 1,847, 10:06


Jr Alexis Petrova
Jr Alexis Petrova Day 1,847, 10:06

where is turkish amk?

nickbulamayanadam Day 1,847, 10:07

Türkçe yazın olum şunları ya. Yoruluyorum kafadan translate edince. Adam olun biraz adam

plat0c Day 1,847, 10:10

vay aq Albus cp olmus adasdasdafasdafsasdas

aslanozkan Day 1,847, 10:11


Taskafali Day 1,847, 10:11

Bizim için çok maliyetli, ve açıkçası bana göre, bizim eIran a üstün olmamıza rağmen, tamamen eIran'ın çıkarlarına hizmet eden bir anlaşma @AttilaBleda +1

Hinrich Boll
Hinrich Boll Day 1,847, 10:12

Whats going on with part 7????
Iran needs balouchistan. why does it say IF iran needs it. dont put if and questionable language in the contract.
remember how we got fucked by those technicalities when Fariborz signed a contract??

imamradyk Day 1,847, 10:12


Persboy Day 1,847, 10:13

دوستان تا وقتی که Mpp تو این صفحه نیاد ! نگران نباشید :دی هنوز امید هست !

N4zGuL Day 1,847, 10:13


Mete Arhan
Mete Arhan Day 1,847, 10:13

not signed. I dont believe 900 gold :S

turn eiran turn...

plat0c Day 1,847, 10:13

Not signed aq !!

lord plot
lord plot Day 1,847, 10:14

yani chi akhe ,hormozgano nabayad midadin!! ,fekr konam hormozgan arzeshe bishtari dare ta 100 gold ejarash bedin

Cihat Ramazan OZASLAN
Cihat Ramazan OZASLAN Day 1,847, 10:14


Nikolay Romanov SRB HN
Nikolay Romanov SRB HN Day 1,847, 10:16


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