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[WTP] Mentors Signup

Dan 1,838, 04:35 Published in USA Pakistan s strani av khan

Hello everyone,

WTP will be starting its mentor program soon. The aim of the program is to introduce the new citizens of eUSA to the meta game as well as help them in their early days. Each mentee will be mentored for 30 days in which we will slowly introduce them to different features of the game, IRC and forums. However, before all this is done. We need to have mentors from WTP who are willing to help the new citizens. If you are interested in joining WTP mentor program please signup here.
You will soon be contacted and instructed on what you have to do.

Thank you



The Original Hawkie
The Original Hawkie Dan 1,838, 05:14

Nice work!

Mister Y
Mister Y Dan 1,838, 05:16

Voted, great idea and good project!

pop George
pop George Dan 1,838, 09:45

please understand, I don't have a problem with the WTP party, but why would you want new players going th the eUS forums? Most of the posters don't even play this game anymore and are purposely mean to anyone not willing to deride playing this game...

av khan
av khan Dan 1,838, 10:11

@pop George
As much as some people dislike eUS forums we have no other choice. There was actually a poll in WTP section of the forums about whether we should have our own forums like other parties. And last I remember the answer of majority was 'No'. That being said, I don't know about the rest of forums because I don't even go there. But WTP section of the forums are pretty cool and I have seen none of the problems mentioned by haters of eUS forums there at least.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Dan 1,838, 12:50

WTP has some great people!

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Dan 1,838, 16:23

signed up


pop George
pop George Dan 1,838, 22:17

good answer; v + s

Candor Dan 1,839, 23:14

Voted. The program is fantastic and av khan is too!

Gogogo WTP!

We the People are people for the people and the people are for we the people people. Wouldn't you like to be a people people too?

LongLiveTheElitists Dan 1,839, 15:38

Cool graphics...

Kilad Dan 1,839, 19:20

Baa Baa Baa

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Dan 1,841, 09:57

av khan
'But WTP section of the forums are pretty cool and I have seen none of the problems mentioned by haters of eUS forums there at least.'
I have to say that so far I have seen none of the <profanity> that has been the trade mark of these eUS Forums for over 3 years. My respect therefore has gone up, my concern is more over security nature: nothing this party says on those forums is private....

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