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***MOD Article*** Day 1820 ***Fight for NL***

Dan 1,820, 15:20 Published in Ireland Irska s strani Death and Taxes

My fellow citizens,

We've had a good start to this month with a nice training war against our good friends in Canada, but this TW is coming to an end shortly. In order to provide more entertainment for the troops we are going to participate in a David and Goliath affair over the next 24 hours.

First I draw your attention to this article here This does not apply to us now just in case you thought there might be any repercussions.

Poland is shortly going to attack and, one assumes, conquer the Netherlands. This another of Poland's famous 'lessons' where when a country doesn't do what its told, it gets stomped on. In any language this is called bullying.

Why is Poland attacking The Netherlands? Well, under the agreed Non-Aggression Pact (NAP) Holland were left with 2 regions so that they at least had congress and could keep an economy going. This is the way that Poland conquers and keeps nations under its thumb as detailed here.

See that big mass of gay pink over the screen? That's Poland. The two blobs of dark green brown are the regions that Poland 'allows' Netherlands to have. Except Poland decided that they wanted one more region. That's right, they wanted to bully, humiliate and threaten Holland into giving up another region. Not surprisingly, Holland told them to


So for the next 24 hours or so I am giving clear instructions to all Irish Citizens, friends and allies. I am asking you all to help Netherlands make a stand.

Now we don't have an MPP with Netherlands, why? Because we're both broke. So we'll need to do a mass deployment. So check on 'all campaigns' in the 'Military Campaigns' tab and see if the campaign has started. Please complete your DO later in day 1821.

You will need 40 IEP to get there and back. If you don't have the money PM me and I'll pay for your trip. Join IRC on rizon #irisharmy for advice and support.

Let's fight for Dutchmen

Let's fight for Total Football

But most of all, let's fight for Dutch women....

See you on the battlefield!

Edit: Have included random Irish Cailín as requested. OK, maybe not so random and not really a cailín

Grainne for Netherlands...



Winston Hope Smith
Winston Hope Smith Dan 1,820, 15:25

To the battlefield!!!

Waruda Dan 1,820, 15:25

yay, slips

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Dan 1,820, 15:26

Let's give them a chance o7

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Dan 1,820, 15:31

Let's waste them pink bastards!

Skylovaravas Dan 1,820, 15:32

Save some space cake for me!

Skylovaravas Dan 1,820, 15:32

And a blondie!

A Legend Killer
A Legend Killer Dan 1,820, 15:36

Hells Bells - AC/DC is a lovely song to start off our war against the Lolskies.

Marinko Margarin
Marinko Margarin Dan 1,820, 15:40

lets take all they got 😃

Stilpo Dan 1,820, 15:41

finally, something worth doing

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Dan 1,820, 15:44

Belgium you say? Damn, hang on, the magic of editing....

lin0leum Dan 1,820, 15:44

lets fite the the imperialist scum anyway!

Kaniballos Dan 1,820, 15:56

let 'em have it,
eCypriots will be there

Shibitah Dan 1,820, 16:07

Help us fight those basterds! Yeah ^,^

dick_dastardly Dan 1,820, 16:12

that last pic, looks more polish then dutch 😛

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Dan 1,820, 16:16


BiednyMis Dan 1,820, 16:29


JohnCV Dan 1,820, 16:36

we'll give them hell! o/

Ian E Coleman
Ian E Coleman Dan 1,820, 17:17

For the Nederlands!

Aries Prime
Aries Prime Dan 1,820, 21:01

Appreciate it guys.

moomoohead Dan 1,821, 23:27

for the women

Helldarr Dan 1,821, 00:04

The NAP was ended as Netherlands did not respect it.
Poland didnt want another region.

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Dan 1,821, 01:32

@Helldarr; that's bs, it's mostly greedy polskies openening rw's in OUR lands!
It's those same greedy pricks that didn't want to prolongue the nap, because they "needed" another one of our regions. So get back to you mama and eat more cole.

ChristiaanB94 Dan 1,821, 01:36

For the ladies!

Bloggup Dan 1,821, 01:38

Great article, although I miss some good-looking Irish girls who will come to the Netherlands to celebrate ass-kicking the Poles 🙂

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Dan 1,821, 01:48


Dave Brinkman
Dave Brinkman Dan 1,821, 01:50

let's teach them a lesson RAWR!

Sepporatisti Dan 1,821, 03:25

Oranje \o/

Careful Dan 1,821, 04:49

The dutch dont play football...

James Keiller
James Keiller Dan 1,821, 05:48


Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Dan 1,821, 05:52

Shhhshhshshshshhs James. We want people to fight FOR Holland not against them.

Nataliia from Galicia
Nataliia from Galicia Dan 1,821, 06:17

"Great article, although I miss some good-looking Irish girls who will come to the Netherlands to celebrate ass-kicking the Poles"

I'll be there : DDDD

Bloggup Dan 1,821, 06:25

with double DD Nataliia? 😛

Nice Malbekh 🙂

Klynn Dan 1,821, 07:29

The (always drunk) Wild Geese are coming.

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Dan 1,821, 09:24

Ja, natuurlijk. Tot straks, jongens.

Sean Power
Sean Power Dan 1,821, 12:15

Like everytime I go to the Netherlands..... Awesome

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Dan 1,821, 12:39

Well, I'm sorry we could do no more for The Netherlands. There is no way of beating Poland unless we all coordinate together. To do that, people and countries need to sacrifice their freedoms. Western Europe have done this for months. When will it be the turn of others?

Pan Troglo
Pan Troglo Dan 1,822, 06:10

Well, consider me signed up to battle the Polish Menace, I am off to Finland now!

Belo Horizontee
Belo Horizontee Dan 1,822, 11:58

Great!!!! Voted!

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